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article imageOp-Ed: The Amy Winehouse Foundation one year on

By Alexander Baron     Sep 15, 2012 in Lifestyle
London - Amy Winehouse died July 23 last year. On September 9 the same year, a foundation was established in her memory by her biggest fan.
Amy Winehouse made some poor choices in her short life; arguably her choice in men was what killed her, but the one man who was always in her life and who she didn't get to choose, never let her down. That was her Dad, Mitch.
Less than two months after her death, he set up a foundation in her name. On September 9, the Amy Winehouse Foundation was one year old.
Unlike some charities - which will not be named here - this is not a body set up to pay professional activists telephone number salaries and mount multi-million dollar advertising campaigns. Here is its mission statement.
The registration details of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.
The registration details of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.
There are some who would say that Amy Winehouse had only herself to blame for her death, but sadly hers was not only a well worn path but one many bigger names have taken. Elton John, Nile Rodgers and Keith Richards could all have ended up dead before their time. Nile actually came as close to death as any man can.
Keith Richards explained how this can happen. Musicians and other showbiz types lead itinerant lifestyles, work strange and sometimes long hours, they love to party, and this results in them taking drugs to keep them awake, and others to make them feel happy. The road to fame is also littered with broken relationships. Many, many musicians and thesbians particularly have been married three or more times.
Amy Winehouse herself was married and divorced in her short life; sadly, her husband shared not only her bed but her follies; putting them together was like putting a match to a candle, one that burned both ends, and burned out far too soon.
There have been a number of books published about Amy Winehouse, and four are currently being offered for sale on Amazon. Only two of these were published originally after her death; it may be that they are all worth reading by fans, but the one written by her biggest fan, Mitch Winehouse, is the one that tells the whole story.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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