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article imageMan rescues 7 days old blind kitten -- Not your average pet

By Owen Weldon     Sep 14, 2012 in World
Reddit user Mantees found a tiny kitten while he was on holiday, which was five years ago, but the kitten was not your average kitten.
Mantees explains that he was living in north Italy but decided to go on holiday to Southern Italy, and that is when he discovered a tiny kitten. Mantees says that the kitten was crying and that he decided to take the kitten and take care of her during the rest of his holiday.
Mantees says that he knew that the kitten would have a better survival chance if he took care of her, as she was too young to survive on her own. He also noticed that the kitten's mouth was asymmetrical and that the mouth was impossible to close and that her legs were not ok. Mantees goes onto explain that he then brought her to a vet the next day, and that is when he was informed that the kitten's eyes were closed because her eyeballs were eaten, due to an infection. The vet went onto tell Mantees that the kitten was too weak and that she would probably not be able to survive.
On Reddit, Mantees went onto say that he and his brother then started to take care of the infection of her eyes as well as her ears infection, fever and intestine worms. They also started to feed her with warm powder milk and they also taught her how to follow the noise of their steps and hand clapping.
Mantees said that after 15 days, the kitten was still alive, although weak, but he had to leave and go back home. He explains that he changed his flight reservation to include a pet. Mantees finishes up by saying his pet "Skunky" is now alive, sleeping in his bed with her head on his pillow and body under the covers.
Photos of Skunky the cat can be seen here.
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