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article imagePhoto: Vancouver 'Drunk Baby' passport photo goes viral online

By JohnThomas Didymus     Sep 14, 2012 in Internet
A passport photo of the five-month-old baby of a Vancouver Reddit user, Jorge Churano, has gone viral online. The adorable baby looks sort of "laid back" in the photo, or more frankly, groggy and slack-jawed in a tipsy-looking manner.
The Daily Mail hits the nail on the head with the comment that he appears to "have hit the bottle a little too hard." MSN Now comments: "So, you think your driver's license photo is bad, huh? Sorry, but you've got nothing on this baby."
According to Churano, who posted the photo to Reddit, “My wife took our 5 month old son to get his first passport photos taken -- NAILED IT!”
ABC News reports that when Churano posted the photo to Reddit, little did he know it would become a hit. It has received more than 600,000 views, and has become an Internet meme. Churano said: “I put it up there because I wanted people to laugh. Mission accomplished.”
Vancouver  Drunk Baby
Vancouver "Drunk Baby"
Jorge Churano
Internet meme: Drunken  baby
Internet meme: Drunken baby
Internet meme: Drunken baby
Internet meme: Drunken baby
Internet meme: Drunken baby partying with Led Zeppelin
Internet meme: Drunken baby partying with Led Zeppelin
Churano explains the photo is not the one chosen for the baby's passport, being only an outtake he asked the photographer to develop. He said: “Those were the outtakes. I talked to the fellow developing them. He thought it would be funny to develop the outtakes, so he was quite happy to hear this had gone around the world."
Reddit users have dubbed the baby "Drunk Baby." According to CTV News, Churano said: “To be honest, I never implied that he was drunk when I posted the original. The Internet took it and ran with it. We awoke this morning to being the proud parents of the latest 'drunk baby'... We still got a chuckle about the reactions, both positive and negative.”
Churano explained that the baby was not "milk drunk," only tired after a long day: “His mom had walked him over to the third location to get his passport photo taken, because the first two wouldn’t do passport baby photos. So he wasn’t milk drunk, he was just tired.”
The parents plan to keep the photo and show the baby when he is older. Joel added: “It’s definitely a keepsake. I’m setting up a Gmail account for my son to constantly send stuff to him as he’s growing up. I’ll definitely send this to him, so he’s in on the joke later. Both his mother and I like to be lighthearted and like to share humor. We’ll probably bring it back out on his wedding day.”
ABC News reports Churano says he has learned a valuable lesson from the incident: "...the internet rewards ugly babies more than cute babies.”
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