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article imageReview: The blasphemous film 'Innocence Of Muslims'

By Alexander Baron     Sep 14, 2012 in World
A trailer for the film 'Innocence Of Muslims' has now been uploaded to YouTube. Is it as bad as claimed? Unfortunately, it is even worse.
The trailer of this controversial film, which runs to just under 14 minutes, can currently be found on YouTube.
Before we go any further, for the benefit of the uninitiated, let's explain where we are coming from. Moslems are not an homogeneous group; like every other group they spend more time fighting and killing each other than anyone else; this is true of every other group, religious, ethnic or otherwise, and we need mention only Operation Trident, Northern Ireland, and most tragically Rwanda to see the truth of that statement. That is without mentioning Syria and the rest of the Arab Spring countries.
There is such a thing as Islamism (Islamofascism), the political ideology that led to 9/11 (loonies aside), though most Moslems are anything but fanatical. Having said that, there are two things the overwhelming majority will not tolerate: defacing the Holy Qur'an, and any portrayal of the Prophet Muhammad.
The latter restriction is absolute; say what you want about God: that he is dead, that he doesn't exist, or even - like Richard Dawkins - that he is a tyrant, but don't draw even a silhouette of the Prophet.
We in the West are told that we have free speech; they have been telling us that for decades, and they keep telling us, even after they dragged John Terry into court for uttering an epithet no one actually heard. Even after militant homosexuals and their fellow travellers launched a hate campaign against a restaurant chain for daring to support traditional marriage (as opposed to so-called gay marriage).
Although they are revolted by homosexual practices, most Moslems are content to hate the sin but love the sinner in true Biblical fashion. They may frown on drunkenness or the consumption of alcohol, but they don't stone drunkards. They may dress modestly, but here in the West they are content to ensure their own daughters do so without taking pot shots at liberated Western women. But guying the Prophet is another thing entirely, as the affair of the blasphemous cartoons proved a few years back. So what is so bad about this film Innocence Of Muslims, what is in it? More to the point, what is not?
For one thing, the Prophet is portrayed in the flesh - unforgivable. The Qur'an is mocked repeatedly, and it is claimed it is a fabrication. The Prophet is depicted as a bi-sexual philanderer who drinks alcohol, a raper of children, a torturer and a mass murderer - and by implication so are all Moslems murderers.
There are those who will defend this piece of sewage on the grounds of free speech, but they forget there is a distinction between liberty and licence. So why was it made?
It appears the man behind it - Sam Bacile - does not really exist. Running his name through an anagram solver gives no meaningful clues: Becalm As I; Bias Camel, etc, but whoever he is: Zionist Jew, anti-Islamic bigot, agent provocateur, it is clear the purpose of this film was not to satirise Islam, religion, or anything else, but to provoke the lunatic fringe in Islam to react against the West and/or Israel, even to start a war.
Whether or not this ignoble goal succeeds, Mr Bacile already has innocent blood on his hand, including of the American ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stephens.
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