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Golden Dawn MPs to face charges for attacking migrant vendors

By Katerina Nikolas     Sep 15, 2012 in World
The Athens prosecutor has charged a number of Golden Dawn MPs (Chrysi Avgi) with attacks on migrant street vendors and requested that the Greek parliament lift their parliamentary immunity from prosecution.
Following an attack on migrant street vendors in Missolonghi the Supreme Court applied to parliament to waive the immunity of Golden Dawn MP Constantine Barmparousi, which has been granted. Athens News reports that the prosecutor has now requested that the immunity of two Golden Dawn MPs allegedly involved in the Rafina street vendor attacks also be lifted.
Members of the far-right party campaigned prior to the 2012 elections for the immunity of all MPs to be lifted. Digital Journal recently reported that Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris applied to parliament to have his own immunity waived.
Charges against Barmpaousi include usurping authority by demanding vendors produce their police identification charges, and of damaging private property.
On the same day that Golden Dawn led the market raids, members also took action in the Messinian city of Kalamata. Chrysafgites beat and kicked a number of immigrants that ply an unwanted car window washing trade at city traffic lights. In Kalamata it is common practice for petrol stations to clean car windows free of charge when cars fill up.
Despite the attacks appearing in the local press the police said they had received no reports of any attacks on migrants. However, according to Tsimosaonline Golden Dawn released a statement saying "The lights of Kalamata is now free from illegal immigrants who annoyed passersby with their insistence to clean the windows more often extortionate, cursing those who do not say yes (mostly women)."
The party maintains that if the authorities fail to tackle such issues then Golden Dawn will continue to take direct action.
Chrysafgites are due to attend the memorial service at the well of Meligalas on Sept 16, the same day the party inaugurates their new office in the Pelopennese town of Kyparissia. Clashes could be expected as local reports indicate members of the KKE Communist party may also attend the event at Meligalas.
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