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article imageVideo: Near nude PETA members protest outside Emporio Armani shop Special

By Richard Milnes     Sep 14, 2012 in World
Sydney - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) protested outside a Sydney Emporio Armani store against the continued use of fur in their clothing.
Three ladies were lying down inside coffins; another two PETA members were giving leaflets to the public. The protest took place across the road from the Emporio Armani store, located within the Westfield’s shopping centre at Bondi Junction, Sydney.
The message written on the side of the coffins was Armani: ‘Fur is dead’. The ‘dead’ people inside the coffins had signs put on top of them reading ‘I wouldn’t be caught dead in fur’ and ‘Stop Armani’s fur cruelty’.
A worried passer by said how terrible it was, not quite understanding that the people inside the coffins were just pretending to be dead.
One woman said that she was never going to shop at Armani again after being told what the protest was about.
Near nude ladies lie in three coffins across from the Armani shop to protest against the use of fur ...
Near nude ladies lie in three coffins across from the Armani shop to protest against the use of fur in their designs. PETA campaigners distributed leaflets to the public.
More images of the event can be seen here.
Interview with Claire Fryer, Campaign Coordinator for PETA Australia
Digital Journal interviewed Claire Fryer, Campaign Coordinator for PETA Australia.
DJ: “So, can you just tell me exactly what your protest aim is? Is it…are you against the fact that they are using fur from animals that have been cruelly killed or are you against fur altogether?”
CF: “PETA is against the use of real fur altogether. We’re here today to ask Armani and any other designers still living in the dark ages to realise that fur is dead; and in fact Armani did pledge to ban the use of fur in his designs and he’s gone back on that promise, which is why we’re here - he does know how these animals are treated. The suffering that goes into every fur coat, trim or collar and these rabbits are gentle animals and they have a violent death and a horrific life.
CF: “We also know that seventy four percent of the fur used in Australia comes from China and there the animals are treated very badly. They’re beaten, electrocuted, hung and often skinned alive. They also use cats and dogs for fur and if you’re wearing any kind of fur, due to mislabeling you simply don’t know whose skin you’re in.
CF: “We’re asking Armani to follow the lead of designers such as Ralph Lauren and Alannah Hill and Camilla Franks who have banned fur and learn that you can get a killer look without killing animals for fashion.”
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