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article image'Nemo' looks to find an audience as box office still slumping

By Tim O'Brien     Sep 13, 2012 in Entertainment
After weeks of dismal box office returns, can audiences find their way back to theaters this weekend? Can a retread, laced up with 3D, help them find the way? OK, one more. Will "Finding Nemo 3D" be the film that does it?
One may want to check out the NFL schedule first as the kickoff to the season rated very well and, perhaps, taken movie-goers minds off films more than the studios would admit. Take this item, from the NFL, for example. "Beginning with the Wednesday night NFL season opener, viewers across the country got back to football and tuned into NFL games and visited NFL digital media properties in record numbers."
The number of eyes fixed on football continues to impress. "A total of 105.9 million fans tuned into Kickoff Weekend games (Sept. 5-10) on CBS, ESPN, FOX and NBC to mark the third consecutive Kickoff Weekend with a total reach exceeding 105 million viewers," the NFL release noted.
That cannot be ignored when trying to figure out why last weekend was so bad at the box office. Now, football aside, getting back to the turnstiles will see two wide releases added and one film that is generating buzz, for what it is not about, but could be taken as a film that is really about it. Huh?
Weekend releases
1. "Finding Nemo 3D" - 2,900 theaters
2. "Resident Evil: Retribution" - 2,850 theaters
3. "Arbitrage" - 197 theaters
4. "Stolen (2012)" - 141 theaters
5. "The Master" - 4 theaters
With "The Master" one can answer the above question after seeing it as to whether it is about Scientology or just a jab at that lifestyle. But, the buzz is there and with it will come a Hollywood divide since many A-listers rely on Scientology.
Make no mistake, since "The Master" is from the Weinstein Company, the buzz and the slow roll out has award season written all over it. If the film is called "The Master," Harvey Weinstein is the master of marketing and public relations when it comes to winning awards.
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