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article imageVideo: Tisha Unarmed shows how she gets dressed, with no arms

By JohnThomas Didymus     Sep 13, 2012 in Lifestyle
Tisha, 25, shows in this inspirational video how she gets dressed with no arms. Watch this video and marvel at this young woman's demonstration of her indomitable spirit.
According to Gawker, Tisha was born with no arms, and one leg shorter than the other. The courageous young woman has been providing subscribers to her YouTube channel, "Tisha Unarmed," insights into how she manages her daily routine with no arms — showering, driving, eating and making a sandwich.
In her latest video, Tisha demonstrates how she gets dressed with amazingly dexterous feet, a hook at the end of a short stick, and abundance of inspiring "can do" spirit. Tisha demonstrates how she zips up her fly without arms, slips into her bra with a "little jig."
She also demonstrates an advantage of being with no arms: It is easier to turn your shirt the right way if you mistakenly put it backwards.
Recently, Digital Journal reported her YouTube video in which she demonstrated "making a sandwich with my feet."
Tisha Unarmed has posted other videos to YouTube that have received thousands of views, including, "showering without arms," "driving with my feet," and "eating sushi, using chopsticks with my feet." In one of her videos she does what she calls "nub dancing," with the comment: "I'm just being silly showing how I move my nubs in different directions."
Tisha, as Digital Journal reporter observed in a previous report, has been targeted for vicious comments. She reacts:
"Unfortunately there are a couple of mean people out there, making negative comments, to which I would just delete, but as I go through the comments everyday I have noticed that some negative comments have been deleted due to too many thumbs down. I LOVE this, people taking the time to 'thumbs down' a negative comment before I even get a chance to read it, it just shows how positive and supportive people are. Thank you!"
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