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article imageOp-Ed: iPhone 5 another big disappointment by Apple

By James He     Sep 12, 2012 in Technology
First the poorly thought-out iPhone 4S, then the bright yellow giant hand warmer also known as the iPad 3, and now this?
Alright, first the uncreative name, and then the not-so-impressive improvements, the iPhone 5 officially makes its way into the market. The iPhone 5 is almost ready to be pre-ordered. Pre-ordering starts Sept. 14, while purchasing in stores begin on Sept 21.
Speaking of the dates, this kind of puts Microsoft's three big releases in the shadows. Although not really related in any way, Apple has a tendency to generate the hype and attention associated with their products.
Speaking from the facts, the tech specs don't look as good as expected. Here is a brief overview: The iPhone 5 features a 4-inch retina display capacitive multitouch screen. All integrated on a 4.9 x 2.3 x 0.3" super sleek body.
Sure, this may look good, but the next part is very unsatisfying: The iPhone 4 now has LTE enabled, but still no Volte (Voice Over LTE) support.
Furthermore, the next biggest improvement is the A6 processor for improved multitasking and better functionality. Doesn't seem like much, but all the more reason to hate the new iPhone. The iPhone 4S was already a pretty smooth device with a slightly downgraded chip so there really is no need for a super duty A6 processor. Official clock speed and cores are not provided as of this moment, but will probably be released soon.
Currently, there are three models in two colors. Customers can choose between the traditional white iPhone or go for the sleek black edition. The three models are separated by storage capacity ranging from 16 GB to 32GB to 64GB.
As for the exterior design, not much has changed. The iPhone 5 still carries the full aluminum casing with a slight plastic cover over the antenna to allow for better reception. Weight and thickness have changed significantly allowing better portability as of this moment.
However, there are some potential problems with the new iPhone. The 4-inch screen does not deliver the greatest resolution in terms of screen ratio. A 4.3-inch screen would be a much more suitable fit. On top of that, LTE is a huge drain on the battery. With their promotion of the better A6 processor, this just puts a much bigger strain on the battery life. The official battery specs are not released, but Apple has listed an 8 hour battery life. Samsung is barely supporting its new line of LTE phones with its 2185 mAH battery, and Apple must do something very similar to cope with the A6 processor and LTE usage. This can lead to potential problems such as battery recalls if they are not performing up to standard or even lead to overheating if the batteries are not properly designed to suit the greater demand for power.
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