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article imageThe New Yorker Magazine’s Facebook page gets banned

By Jacki Viles     Sep 12, 2012 in Internet
The New Yorker’s very popular Facebook page found itself on the wrong side of Facebook censorship on Monday and their page was temporarily banned.
At issue is a cartoon by Mick Stevens depicting an Adam and Eve scenario sitting under a tree.
Facebook content moderators took offense to the display of nipples in the cartoon. Nipples are not allowed on Facebook. Especially not “female nipple bulging”. Apparently cartoon nipples are equally offensive to the site moderators that flagged the content.
Gawker had an eye opening interview with a former site moderator a while back and gives the reader an inside view of how content moderators do their job and published the somewhat lengthy and all too vague guidelines that content moderators must adhere to. It’s a thankless job, for sure. But someone’s got to do it.
What has now become known as ‘NippleGate’ at the New Yorker has snowballed further into controversy by the cartoonist offering a tongue in cheek solution suggesting he draw clothes on his subjects. To his disbelief, his humor went unnoticed as a couple of boobs over at Gawker and New York Magazine’s Daily Intel column reported his offer as an honest solution. C’mon Guys! Can’t you take a joke?
Adam and Eve did not wear sweat shirts and yoga pants.
The original cartoon can be found all over the Internet by now. But for hilarious commentary by the artist and a quick nipple drawing lesson head over to the New Yorker’s blog spot.
Facebook, as reported by the Daily News has apologized and maintains that the debacle was unintentional. With countless moderators around the world at the ready to zap offensive content, Eve’s nipples didn’t have a chance.
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