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article imageToronto's Galloway Boys linked to Danzig murders

By KJ Mullins     Sep 11, 2012 in Crime
Toronto - Toronto Police said today that one gang is behind the murder of D'Mitre Barnaby, the murders at a Danzig Street BBQ and several shootings in the past six months.
The Galloway Boys, also called G-Way, are known for gun violence. The gang is said to be one of the most violent in Toronto's east end with a history that started in the early 1990's. Back then there were two gangs, the Galloway Posse, known for petty extortion, drugs and robberies and the Get Mad Crew, who were into drug and gun trafficking. Omar Lloyd Demetrius, known on the street as "O", and Gary Eunick were the leaders of the Get Mad Crew. Demetrius was deported to Jamaica but reentered Canada. He was arrested in 2007 for firing shots in a Scarborough restaurant. As the Get Mad Crew faded out the Galloway Boys started to come into play. The Galloway Boys were known for their street gun violence. The Toronto Police was able to take many of their members out during "Project Pathfinder" in 2004.
At the time Toronto Police Chief William Blair said:
“A number of our neighbourhoods have been plagued by random acts of violence and gun play in which innocent men have lost their lives,” the Chief said of violence in the Malvern area between rival gangs.
“What we had was a conflict that had escalated wildly out of control,” said Chief Blair, who believes the Pathfinder investigation is responsible for ending the violence from the Galloway Boys gang.
Today Det. Sgt. Brett Nicol sounded an alarm. It appears that the Galloway Boys are back and shooting the town up again. This time around it appears that not only are the Galloway Boys fighting their rivals from the Malvern area but are in an inner struggle for power in their own ranks.
In the wrong place, at the wrong time
On December 30, 2011 D'Mitre Barnaby was hanging out with a friend on Lawrence Avenue East listening to music in his car. A car, a 2007 Nissan Versa, passed them and Barnaby's friend got the vibe that the occupants didn't want the two there. He got out of his friend's car and left the scene.
Barnaby was still in his car when two people were seen walking along Susan Street leaving the Nissan. Barnaby drove his car to 3895 Lawrence Avenue East driving by the pair. When Barnaby parked his car and left his vehicle the pair ran up to him shooting him multiple times.
The suspects fled the area, jumping into a daycare yard and over a fence to Windover Drive.
The 24-year-old had never been in trouble with the police. It has been determined that his murder was a case of mistaken identity Constable Wendy Drummond said today at police headquarters.
Gang rivals and BBQ don't mix
On July 16, community members on Danzig Street held a BBQ for the neighbourhood kids. As the party ran into the evening hours it got loud. There was booze, Galloway Boys and rivals from Malvern mixing together with local families. It was a powder keg ready to explode.
The Galloway Boys started to confront those that they didn't know. They had a long history of violence when it came to gang members from the Malvern area. At some point the Galloway Boys told the Malvern visitors to go away. They did but not for long. When the Malvern group returned they had added to their numbers and brought guns.
In a crowd of more than 100 people a shoot-out between the rivals begin. When the bullets stopped Shyanne Charles and Joshua Yasay, both innocent victims, lay on the ground dying. More than 23 others had been hit by bullets but would survive.
Nahom Tsegazab, known as "Gifted" and a member of the Galloway Boys, and Shaquan "Bam Bam" Mesquito, from the Malvern area, have been arrested for their part in the shooting. Police know that they were not alone in the crime. There were more than 25 spent shell casing and five firearms recovered at the scene.
One of the victims was shot in Malvern's Chester Le Complex again on September 2. He was a direct link with the Danzig shooting. Investigators learned that some of the Danzig party goers had come from the Chester Le Complex.
String of shootings all link up
On September 4, 2011 three men were wounded at the Lawrence Avenue East Domino's Pizza.
On November 4, 2011 a man was gunned down during a drug deal on Northfield Drive. The victim was hit in the neck and upper body. Yesterday Ramon Williams, associated with the Galloway Boys, was arrested and charged with attempted murder.
Two days before Barnaby was murdered three unknown men were shot at 4315 Kingston Road, Galloway Boys turf.
On January 15 blood but no victim was found after a shooting in a hallway at 3827 Lawrence Avenue East.
On August 6 several shoot were fired at 4100 Lawrence Avenue East. No victims have been identified.
On August 10 a man was chased through the Lawrence Subway Station and gunned down against a fence. He has been identified as one of the up and coming leaders of the Galloway Boys.
Police believe that the gun violence stems from the Galloway Boys. They use guns and intimidation to get their way. The Toronto Police are working to make sure that these criminals are captured. There is an increase in the number of officers working the area that the Galloway Boys hang out. They have one goal-stop the violence. They need the public to come forward with information that will help them achieve their goal. The names of the shooters, the drivers and those who hide their weapons are vital for this. If you have information please call the police or Crime Stoppers. Without your help there will be more blood coating the streets.
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