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article imageRubik's Cube For The Blind

By James He     Sep 10, 2012 in Odd News
Rubik's cubes are fun to play, and they can be quite challenging at times. However, the biggest challenge with these cubes is that one must be able to see them.
Whether you are color blind or simply blind, these Rubik's cubes can be quite a challenge. Solutions have been formed over the years to overcome this issue. Some have considered using braille to mark the sides to be joined up. The problem with this is the lack of direction and position. When these braille engravings are turned and flipped, it can become hard to interpret them.
Brian Doom managed to create an insanely tactile version of the classic Rubik's cube dubbed the name "Doom Cube". The concept is pretty simple. Each side of the cube are fitted with the same objects to create a very distinguishable feel. User's for this cube can then feel their way around and try to match the sides together.
Whether blind or not, the Doom Cube is certainly a challenge. For those bored of the classic Rubik's cube, why not step up to the curve and try your skills blind folded while solving a Doom Cube?
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