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article imageReview: UK Soap Emmerdale: Kerry gets her man & Betty gets 'poked'

By Jane Reynolds     Sep 10, 2012 in Entertainment
A 'sideways' review of the latest goings-on in Emmerdale, the popular British Soap Opera.
For episodes broadcast in the UK 3rd-7th September 2012
*Warning: May Contain Spoilers*
We can see what Kerry sees in Andy; he saw more of Moira than he expected; Nikhil couldn't feel the baby and we all feel for Paddy and Marlon.
I wasn't able to say anything before the Event, but last Thursday I attended the Emmerdale 40th Anniversary Live Episode Press Day held on location at the village. (See a full report on my site [url=] 'Emmerdale-y')
Kerry didn't look too happy to see her ex turn up, did she? As he moved towards her Amy was straight in there to defend her mum against the bloke who'd 'bashed her'. It came as news to him, as did the fact that Amy was even standing, and it soon became clear to both of them that they'd been 'had'.
"She told me she was in M15," he told Amy. "Are you a junkie?"
"No, I'm flaming not!" she gasped incredulously.
What does she see in Andy then?
Oops. Kerry's a bit of a 'stranger to the truth', but we're seeing a different side to her with Andy. They exchanged a lot of secrets, but I cringed when she asked him,"Do you ever think what happened to your little girl is a punishment?"
'That's a bit harsh," I thought, but she quickly redeemed herself with her next line: "Well, it isn't."
Underneath all the bluster, Kerry's deeply insecure and just wants the love of a good 'un (don't we all?) and she's just melting under the double whammy of Andy's swarthy looks, bulging pecs and 'Agony Aunt' listening ear.
Farmers' wives or Readers' wives?
She says she only wants a bit of fun. I think not, and I think Andy might end up finding her harder to shake-off than the flu. He was also rather shaken to walk in on Alex and Moira's post-coital moment. "You've got to be kidding me," he declared as Moira quickly covered up that VERY un-typical farmers-wife-like lingerie!
That's nothing compared to what both Adam and Victoria will say when they find out (as they surely will)! Victoria thinks she and Alex are back together. Cain had his own opinion: "Girls like you, you're lucky to even have a bloke," he commented in his own inimitable style.
Let's hope both Andy and Alex are using protection, or the village will be overrun with kids before long. HOW funny was that scene where Gennie stopped Nikhil's nattering about 'deep cleans' in its tracks by saying simply, "It's kicking,"?
His hand was on her belly in a flash. "I don't feel anything," he said.
"Just be patient," she replied (in the same way you'd tell a small child), and carried on texting. Wonderful moment! So, so funny. I reckon we're going to be treated to some classic comedy stuff from both of them in the run-up to the birth.
Marlon vs Paddy: whose side are you on?
It was a lovely moment when Zak and Lisa both broke into happy smiles and reassured Belle and Lizzie that their marriage was back on course. Paddy and Marlon are no nearer finding any sort of solution to their problems though.
"If I was into nicking other peoples' kids, I'd be you," Marlon lashed out.
Ooh, it's tough to watch. You just want them to suddenly stop; look at each other for a moment and then throw their arms round each other and be mates again. You can just see and feel how the situation's tearing them both apart (and why), yet neither of them's able to back down, but until one of them does there'll never be a resolution to their awful situation.
Advantage Katie & Declan
Talking of awful situations: Katie and Robbie are officially 'at war', and she's doing her utmost to get him out of their lives forever, but The Smile's standing by her wayward son and believes that it's as much Katie's fault as his. Talk about a game of doubles, but who's going to win? The tension's bubbling-under nicely now!
Not a lot of laughs in these turbulent times, but we've still managed a few Grins of the Week:
Nicola (Katie handing Katie an envelope): "Chuck it away. Wipe your bum with it; I don't care."
Eric: "We are not together. You do not get to steal my toast."
Val (taking a bite): "Get a lawyer."
Adam: "I'm all ears."
Alex: "Do you know you can have an operation for that?"
Robbie (to the girl he'd brought home): "If you're wondering what that smell is … Katie works in a stable."
Betty: "Hey, I've been poked."
* Amy packed her bag quickly, didn't she? One minute she was there, next minute she was in a taxi waving bye-bye!
* Cute Boy of the Week. I love it when Samson's got lines. He's such a natural performer.
* Val DID say 'conniving', not 'thieving', in case you weren't quite sure (I had to go back and check)!
* Aah. How sweet was Nikhil's line: "I'll see you at work. Take your time; perks of carrying Management's baby." Bless!
* Kerry called Val and Eric 'Gomez and Morticia'. Stick a black wig on Val and she'd be right; there'd be a definite resemblance, and Eric's a ringer for (the original Addams family) Gomez too!
OK, that's the end of this week's blog, but I'm now going to honour the promises I made on Thursday to Pointless Priya and Robbie the Rodent.
I was actually dreading meeting them in case they'd read Emmerdale-y and wanted to batter me for always complaining about them.
"Oh, is it you who calls me Pointless Priya?" Priya cried, and – bless – made me feel rather guilty as she told me how upset she was that I called her Pointless and promised me that time would prove that there's far more to Priya than meets the eye.
Fiona Wade was delightful and SOO sweet that I couldn't help but be hypnotised by those big brown eyes, and from now on I promise to only ever call her Priya!
The same goes for rotten Robbie the Rodent. 'There's the little rodent' I thought when I spotted him, but from the moment we started speaking he came across as such a nice lad that I was completely bowled over. He's got the most gorgeous smile (that I've never actually seen on-screen), and I can tell you that during the episodes I've watched since I got back I haven't been able to look at him without thinking 'Aah'.
How can I write bad things about him now? I won't want to, but will have to force myself to when he's being a bad boy. I'm not going to call him Robbie the Rodent any more though because he's just such a sweetie.
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