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article imageWhat Americans do most online?

By Ajit Jha     Sep 10, 2012 in Internet
Americans are probably the most addicted internet users. However, how they spend their time online can be an interesting study. According to a Nielson survey, Americans spend nearly “a quarter of their time online on social networking sites and blogs…
While there are an unlimited number of activities you can perform online, the survey found that nearly 40 percent of the American online time is spent on just three activities – “social networking, playing games and emailing, leaving a whole lot of other sectors fighting for a declining share of the online pie,” according to Nielsen analyst Dave Martin.
However, the way Americans spend their Internet time on mobile phones gives us an altogether different picture of the relative time slots for various activities. The Email activities not only dominate on mobile phones but show an increasing trend from 37.4 percent to 41.6 percent in May 2010.
If the trend continued the way it had been, Email activities might have likely gone much higher in 2012.
While it is difficult to speculate on the reason Email continues to be so hugely popular, the one possible reason is the potential inherent in Email marketing. The survey doesn’t break down the email usage by purpose, so we could have got a better picture.
However, the business potential of Email marketing has most likely translated in mobile phone email activities. According to Comm100 Email marketing team, “Email is a reliable, robust and cost effective way to both acquire new customers and also to make your existing customers repeat, loyal customers.”
The recommended strategy to attain success with Email marketing is to “make the Email content engaging and promote your brand visually within the text”, according to Comm100.
According to Jonathan O’Donnel, who works for the faculty of Art, Design and Communication at RMIT, “Electronic mail (e-mail), by this measure, is a pretty good technology. If you want to master the Internet, learn e-mail. Forget Java and Flash and building a killer Web site - e-mail is the most important thing on the Internet.”
He maintains that it is a ‘killer-app’ which is not only “the single most popular use of the Internet, bar none”, but is far more popular than the www (World Wide Web). There are according to Jonathan O’Donnel, very few people who use Internet only to look at the Web, but, on the contrary “they are truly outnumbered by people who use Email and never look at the Web at all.”
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