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article imageAnother dismal weekend as 'The Possession' repeats

By Tim O'Brien     Sep 9, 2012 in Entertainment
Not only did "The Words" fail to speak to audiences, but no film helped boost a sagging box office as it was the another dismal weekend. It is perfectly natural this time around to do a double take on totals.
No film cracked double digits and "The Possession" wins again. In a word, that is brutal.
Going into the weekend, a quick glance at the newcomers, proved it was not going to be pretty. And it wasn't. Besides "The Words," "The Cold Light of Day" turned off movie-goers. As for "Branded" and "The Bachelorette," the theater counts were pretty low, so no help there either.
Trying to find a bright spot is a tough one, but here's an effort. The documentary "2016: Obama's America" is now the second highest grossing politically-tinged film behind Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 911." Now, saying that is a bright spot may not sit well for one side of the aisle, but it is doing very well. Not only that, it is doing well in swing states like Florida and Ohio. Throw in the repeat for "The Possession" and that is good news for that film. Noting, too, that its budget was only $14 million.
1. "The Possession" - 9.5 million
2. "Lawless" - $6 million
3. "The Words" - $5 million
4. "The Expendables 2" - $4.7 million
5. "The Bourne Legacy" - $4 million
"The Dark Knight Rises" continues to rise and is now No. 8 all time, domestically. On another note, "Oogieloves," which had the worst opening ever for a film opening in 2,000 or more theaters, saw a huge decline in that count and didn't even register among the top 50. It now waits for cult status and the DVD market.
Meanwhile, "Raiders of the Lost Ark" returned to theaters on 267 IMAX theaters and grossed $1.7 million. One may wonder if that would have been released in more theaters, would it have made more than $9 million. Which brings us to an idea. Since Hollywood gives up at the end of August and early September, why not re-release some past favorites. It certainly couldn't hurt.
The other list will deal with the top three films, speaking of box office.
Domestic: "Avatar" - $760,507,625
Adjusted for inflation: "Gone with the Wind" - $1,640,602,363
Worldwide: "Avatar" - $2,782,275,172
Looking down the line, Hollywood needs a few sleeper hits and awaits James Bond, Daniel Day-Lewis in "Lincoln" and "Twilight." And now, it is time to get those Oscar films out there, but those do not always generate box office.
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