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article imageOp-Ed: Lies and more lies, who can trust him?

By Gar Swaffar     Sep 8, 2012 in Politics
Video of the Big Media picking apart Obama's broken promises. From having the most transparent administration ever elected, to affordable insurance and healthcare, single payer healthcare, capital gains tax, and more, Video of Obama's words show the lies.
The current administration promised to offer the American public, "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America", and also stated "The way to make government accountable is to make it transparent" (00:05 - 00:14)
All notations of time are from the embedded video and are shown in parentheses. i.e. (2:28 - 2:36)
I will suggest the Obama administration has been the most abject and dismal failure of any administration ever elected, I might even be tempted to include dictatorships and regimes overseas as being better than this administration.(1)
Promising to offer the American public a full disclosure of the negotiations to provide "Affordable Health-care" by broadcasting the entire proceedings on C-Span, Obama made the statement;
"These negotiations will be on C-Span" (1:11 - 1:19): However, the reality of what happened is that the entire negotiating process took place behind closed doors. At one point the founder and CEO of C-Span, Brian Lamb, stated for a reporter from The daily Caller: "The President said that they (the negotiations) were all going to be on C-Span, but he never asked us"
C-Span actually as it turned out, sent a formal letter (2), requesting full camera access to the negotiations. That request was ignored by the President, and the issue was the object of obfuscation by then Press Secretary Robert Gibbs.
In the words of the President himself (at 2:28 - 2:36) " will be able to keep your one is trying to change what works..", while (2:44 - 2:59) the President is then shown saying that he can envision in "10-15 years out," the elimination of private health insurance. That would of course have been the objective and is the institution of a "single-payer" system. Single-payer being an acronym for government health-care similar in nature to what Britain, Canada and other Socialist or quasi-socialist nations use.
As for the funding of the Obama-care, aside from taking one third of its funding from Medicare, the President stated "'s important this thing is deficit neutral...without tricks..."(3:26 - 3:34), the reality shows that one of the 'tricks' used to make the health-care revenue neutral (in theory at the time) was to begin taxing Americans for 10 years and offer services for only seven years, in essence allowing the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) to offer a ten year projection showing no dramatic increase in cost.
The President then suggested we all had to 'take responsibility" for the plan, (3:48 -3:52), and then the real process included waivers for his union cronies in the auto industry, and his political supporters nearly en masse!
Crony capitalism at its best (or worst).
Obama then goes on to protest that the health-care system will not be a "tax", and even argues the issue with George Stephanopoulos on ABC. (4:51-5:26), although as we all now know, it had to be called a tax and argued as such by administration lawyers to get it past the US Supreme Court.
Promising to not increase taxes on middle income earners (6:29-7:59) appears to have been another empty promise when he proposed raising the capital gains tax back to pre-Bush 43 levels of 15% up to 28%. The rationale being that we all had to 'pay our fair share'.
In that spirit of fairness, Obama jumped on the issue of corporations who don't pay their fair share.(8:56-9:04)
Such as GM which posted record earnings in 2011 and paid zero income tax, (9:15-9:30) despite getting a $50 billion bailout from taxpayers, and GE (9:40-10:20) which paid no tax on $13+billion dollars in revenue.
At 10:22 in the video begins the issue of the $831 billion stimulus bill rundown, that particular boondoggle morphed from "shovel ready jobs: to "shovel ready jobs weren't as shovel ready as we expected" (10:51-10:57)
Despite earlier promising there would be no tax increases on the middle class, the attack on petroleum/coal power electricity producers amounts to a massive increase in confiscation of disposable income of not only the middle class, but also on poorer Americans who would have to choose between having power in the home or putting food on the table. (10:58-11:38)
To add insult to injury, Obama then offered the nationalized oil company of Brazil $2 billion to drill offshore in Brazil. (11:40-11:50)
The President is shown promising to cut the deficit by half, however, during the Democratic National Convention last week, the debt surpassed $16 TRILLION dollars for the first time. (12:00-12:25) In the process of campaigning for office, Obama called Bush 43 "unpatriotic for raising the national debt by $4 trillion (in 8 years).
The damages have yet to be totaled up for the fiscal train wreck this president is going to cost our children, grandchildren and their great grandchildren.
The video compilation used here was posted at the Independent Journal Review and also on You Tube
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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