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article imageJustice triumphs eventually for Rimsha Masih

By Ajit Jha     Sep 8, 2012 in World
Islamabad - This is one piece of news that will enthrall everyone who believes in justice and freedom against orthodoxy and religious militancy. The mentally challenged girl accused of blaspheming Islam has been released from jail, according to news sources.
However, it is too early to say if justice has finally prevailed for Rimsha Masih. The mentally challenged minor girl in question accused of burning the pages from a Holy book is out on bail, which means the case against her is yet to be closed.
The stiff Islamic law in Pakistan punishes infidelities like burning the Holy Islamic book with the death penalty. No exception whatsoever is permissible, which means minors and mentally challenged too will be punished with death for this crime.
Her case attracted international attention and sharp criticisms from several Rights bodies. According to some sources, it was the pressure from international bodies that forced the government of Pakistan to take a lenient view of the accused in the case.
However, according to Amnesty International, the poor girl and her family members are still not safe in Pakistan. There have been several cases of religious orthodoxy prevailing over reason when individuals rightly or wrongly accused of blasphemy have been lynched by mobs.
Yet, this case has done far greater service to the cause of humanity and humanism as no international pressure has ever done before. Today, Pakistan is under tremendous pressure to reform its clergy dictated medieval and obsolete laws that the civilized nations abandoned centuries ago.
Rimsha’s case generated enough fear in the minds of Christians living in her neighborhood to scare them to take to a mass exodus fearing for their lives.
Pakistan’s minister for national harmony welcomed the court’s decision calling it the triumph of truth.
The truth in this case was possibly brought to light last week when an Islamic cleric was accused by another cleric of planting the evidence of blasphemy against Rimsha. However, there’s perhaps the far more important truth that is rather axiomatic for any compassionate and civilized individual. This truth is that Rimsha Masih is mentally challenged. She is also a minor. These two truths taken together compound the follies of wise and erudite men who swear the claims to knowledge of issues divine and sublime.
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