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article imageVideo: 'My Mom Sleepwalking (Tomato Cage)' goes viral online

By JohnThomas Didymus     Sep 8, 2012 in Internet
Footage of a mother dressed in pajama, sleepwalking in the house, waltzing in her kitchen, and acting out her dream about a naughty tomato cage goes viral online.
According to Yahoo, Nick Foti, filmed his mom sleepwalking in the family's kitchen. He went to the kitchen late in the evening to make tea and saw his mother standing alone in the dark in the kitchen. Gawker reports that Nick, ever on the look out for an amusing clip to post online, grabbed his cellphone and filmed his mother acting out her dream.
He posted the video, titled "My Mom Sleepwalking(Tomato Cage)," to YouTube.
The video shows Nick, whose YouTube name is "stillsoundlyawake," asking his sleepwalking mother "And what exactly are you doing ma'am."
His mother opens her eyes and explains she is trying to open a "tomato cage." She explains further, "It's a special code. I was doing a special thing. But the tomato cage wouldn't open."
Nick then asks his mother: "And where exactly is this tomato cage?"
Still sleepwalking, she answers: "Some place. I tried many things. But it wouldn't open and I'm pissed off now."
Nick's mother closes her eyes, executes a strange dance step and walks out of the kitchen back to her bed.
The Daily Mail explains that a tomato cage is a wire structure used for growing tomatoes.
Mom's reaction to her sleepwalking video
In a second video, Nick films himself showing the video to his mother. She looks shocked and apparently has no recollection of the incident. She covers her mouth in amazement at her sleepwalking antics.
The Daily Mail expresses strong disapproval of Nick's public "humiliation" of his mother with the comment:
"After years of home-cooked dinners, washing dirty clothes and dropping kids at soccer practice, most mothers deserve a bit of respect.But this ungrateful son thanked his mom by filming her sleepwalking and posting it on the Internet.
"Perhaps it's time he moved out?"
But other viewers disagree. A Daily Mail reader, Mary Catherine Magee, responds:
"The writer is acting like he is a terrible son who has tricked his mother. If you knew anything, you would know that he is a very popular user on youtube, who makes comedy videos for a living. His mother is very supportive and has a great sense of humor. I'm sure she was informed before this was put on the Internet. I have followed his twitter, tumblr, and youtube for over 2 years and I can tell you that he is a very kind, intelligent, eloquent, contentious, and grateful person."
Another viewer, Joelma Cristina Bond, says:
"He is awesome and I love his videos. Please, check your facts before you can call yourself a news organization!"
According to Yahoo! the video was originally posted on The Daily What.
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