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article imageReview: How to block unwanted posts on Facebook

By Jacki Viles     Sep 8, 2012 in Technology
Atlanta - Facebook friends got you down? Can you barely drag yourself to your laptop and open your Facebook page lately? Do you have an overabundant amount of friends who you don’t know posting senseless unwanted junk all over your newsfeed?
'Tis the season to be over served by so called friends and their political view points. The need to share spammy articles during an election year is so enticing for so many people that it’s hard to keep up with the 1% of the actual ‘real’ friends in your list!
Well, fear no more! There’s an app for that. Yes. A neat little browser tweak with a hook to your Facebook account that will filter out the over sharers and the topics they love to share.
Go to this link and install Social Fixer. It works on most popular browsers. It is a browser plug in so be it Mac or Windows, there should be an option available for you. Don’t be overwhelmed by the huge number of features it offers right now. Today we just want to play with the filters.
Go to the link and install the appropriate version for your browser. Then head on over to Facebook and log in. An installation dialogue box should pop up for you. When I tested it on Google Chrome the installation box didn’t appear but there was a little wrench icon which did the trick. There's a wide variety of features available in this application that you can peruse on your own. Personally, I would choose a minimal installation and go straight to the Advanced Feed Filters.
Social Fixer Filtering Screen
Social Fixer Filtering Screen
This is a powerful screen my friends. But for now, click the check boxes to ‘Enable filters’ and ‘Filter posts on pages and profiles’. As you can see there are columns that allow you to filter by your friend’s names, applications and what not. But we are interested in the ‘Other’ column.
In the ‘Matching Text’ field within the ‘Other’ column add your filter. Does Mitt Romney posts get you down? Are you done with Obama-mania? Copy and paste this string to help you out!
Use this format to set you free. It makes it easy for the average user to control their world. For the more technical savvy; it’s all in the scripting. Start your string with a forward slash. Use pipes to separate your values and end with a lowercase i to disable case sensitivity.
Go to the next column, 'Action' and select 'Hide'.
Remember to click the Save button to save your filter. Then go back to Facebook and see your results. Filtering can be very specific or very broad. Tweak until you are satisfied.
The Help feature is pretty easy to follow. In there you can find methods that allow you to surgically strike your content. Like all filtering tools, it won't get rid of everything but it will get most of your common irritations.
The Social Fixer add-on is quite a nice feature. Clearly these are options that make Facebook more appealing. Some would say that Facebook developers should have made these features available in their application to begin with. But at least there is a way to filter your friends when they can’t seem to filter themselves.
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