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article imageA trim belly is just a shot away

By Ajit Jha     Sep 7, 2012 in Health
If all those herbs, pills and brisk walks have proven ineffective against your stubborn beer belly, it’s time to cheer up now. You can flatten your beer belly with a single jab, according to the researchers from Ohio State University.
According to the research published in the journal ‘Biomaterial’ the developed shot when applied on mice yielded powerful results. The mice initially lost about 20 percent of the belly fat. An injection of a tiny capsule developed by the researchers can burn body fat, according to the researchers.
Researchers were surprised when they found that the injected cells could act like “missionaries” for existing belly fat cells to begin converting into thermogenic cells. These converted cells generate heat. Although the mice gained some weight over time, but there was no dramatic gain in weight despite a high fat diet.
The 20 percent of the visceral fat surrounding the organs they burned away initially is linked to higher risk for Type 2 diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The ‘good fat’ in our bodies have heat generating properties, which the researchers made use of to cut back on the white cells that compose the visceral fat.
The researchers combined brown fat thermogenic cells and genetically modified cells from which the enzyme responsible for visceral fat was excluded
Ouliana Ziouzenkova, lead author of the study said, “With a very small number of cells, the effect of the injection of this capsule was more pronounced at the beginning, when the mice dramatically lost about 10% of their weight.”
Where and how much body fat is stored depends on a number of factors like “foods, hormones, genetics and the individual’s activity levels” which can be effectively countered by diet and physical activities.
Ziouzenkova’s lab identified an enzyme in mice that relates to fat accumulation after consumption of a high-fat diet a year ago. In a recently published paper she argued that mice lacking that enzyme could stay lean despite consuming excessive fat. She applied the finding in her research. She used genetically modified cells missing that enzyme while the potential of brown fat cells to burn visceral fats is boosted.
She collaborated with Ohio State chemists to create capsules composed of alginate-poly-L-lysine.
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