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article image'The Words' will try to speak to audiences and lift box office

By Tim O'Brien     Sep 6, 2012 in Entertainment
The dust has settled on the August box office and it appears that it may cause some coughing among studio executives. It was the slowest since 2006, so noted Box Office Mojo.
The top movie for August was released in July in "The Dark Knight Rises." Despite its success, the overall box office melted in the hot sun. Which, when looked into, doesn't make sense. As the story goes, when it's hot, many simply seek out a theater and use the air conditioner, walk the malls, and more.
It is time to look at others reason and a few come to mind. Add less to mind and one gets mindless, as in mindless movies. Plus, is it really necessary to have all movies in 3D, or whatever is the latest buzz in technology. If they make good movies, with good stories, and fine performances, it doesn't matter if 3D is added.
Then, add in one final zinger. Could it be that there are way too many animation movies being released and glutting the market? Sure, it attracts families but every single weekend? Even families have to say not to the kids on those now and then. Plus, it alienates a great deal of people who pay no attention to them, no matter how inspired and creative they are. Sorry to say, but that is the case.
Then comes the weekend releases and look out, nothing stands out there, either. Yes, the NFL kicked off Wednesday and with it brought in TV viewers and fans are ready for a full slate. The end result could very well be another dud at the turnstiles.
Weekend releases
1. "The Words" - 2,801 theaters
2. "The Cold Light of Day" - 1,511 theaters
3. "Branded" - 306 theaters
4. "Bachelorette" - 47 theaters
When the list includes two movies with less that 320 theaters, that is an indication of better things to come and that "Bachelorette" is getting a slow roll out. The week of Sept. 14 has "Finding Nemo 3D" hitting and, forget it, people have seen it, but they are hoping the technology will make audience go back. It most likely will in the first couple weeks, but after that, we will see.
One question is like an elephant in the room these day. Can the box office rebound and set a record, despite having less people seeing movies? That is still a troubling trend that studios, no doubt, are plotting to change.
Summer has come and gone, but do not mention that to a teacher, since, it is not correct. But, it is for Hollywood, so checking out recent box office totals for summer means the rest of 2012 has to pick up more.
Summer totals
2012 - $4,087.6 billion - 122 days in the period/214 films released
2011 - $4,326.5 billion - 122 days/202 films
2010 - $4,215.4 billion - 122 days/186 films
2009 - $4,304.0 billion - 129 days/184 films
2008 - $4,160.7 billion - 122 days/194 films
The turnstiles at theaters need to start spinning again and with the breakup of Kristin Stewart and Robert Patterson possibly hampering the next "Twilight" film, an audible may be needed. Any suggestions? Here's one - pay them to get back together in time for the film's premiere.
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