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article imageVideo: Mariel Hemingway on #StopMonsanto film project

By Anne Sewell     Sep 6, 2012 in Food
Los Angeles - In the video, Mariel Hemingway explains about the #StopMonsanto Feature Film Project, being created to educate and inform people on the dangers of genetically modified food and crops.
Mariel Hemingway is an Academy Award nominated actress, author, yoga video producer, activist and health expert who is focused on empowering people to live their best lives.
In the video, she explains that she is passionate about the food that we eat. She says that as Americans, you have the right to eat the food you want to eat. You have the right to know what's happening to your food source.
She feels that companies like Monsanto, big chemical companies, spraying pesticides over our food source, is something that should be illegal and that you should know where your food is coming from. You should know whether or not your food is genetically modified, which means that it has been tampered with and is not in its original form. It is food without information.
Hemingway is in the process of producing a film. #StopMonsanto is a scripted movie which involves five young activists, protesting the actions of Monsanto by launching a #stopmonsanto campaign.
The idea was generated because the people involved are fed up with Monsanto and how they are treating both farmers and consumers. They want to know whether the foods they eat contain GMOs, and want all foods to be properly labeled.
By donating and supporting the film, you have the chance to help #stopmonsanto!
About the film:
The story starts with the main character attending an anti-Monsanto rally, mainly to impress his girlfriend. However, at the rally he learns about Monsanto and then gets involved in protesting against the company. The character then teams up with other like-minded youngsters and they work together, raising awareness about Monsanto and genetically modified food.
As stated by Hemingway, the film will be moving, funny, and entertaining, but it will also educate people who do not yet know the dangers of genetically modified foods.
Mariel Hemingway  Executive Producers of the #StopMonsanto Film Project.
Mariel Hemingway, Executive Producers of the #StopMonsanto Film Project.
Video screen capture
The people involved in the production are as follows:
Executive Producer – Mariel Hemingway
Producers – Blythe Metz and Priscilla Woolworth - Blythe Metz an actress who hosts and produces the popular online show Blythe Raw Live and the author of “The SuperNatural Green Diet.” Blythe is an environmentalist and the issues of GMOs and Monsanto's crimes are paramount to her beliefs.
Priscilla Woolworth is an eco warrior, eco entrepreneur, blogger, photographer, artist, and nature lover. She runs the eco-friendly almanac and store.
Production Company – Monsanto Film Project.
How you can help:
Of necessity, the film is being made using low budget expertise. However, it is still a tremendous undertaking. The group needs funds to hire a proper crew and cast, get the necessary equipment, and shoot the film on location in Los Angeles. There are also the costs of post-production work to think of.
Donations are welcomed, and you can view the various benefits you would receive from your generosity here.
Video: Jeffrey Smith, international bestselling author and Executive Director of Institute for Responsible Technology, talks to Charles Chen, of Raw Youth, about why it's so important to #stopmonsanto.
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