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article imageReview: 'A Little Bit Zombie' is a whole lot of fun Special

By Sarah Gopaul     Sep 5, 2012 in Entertainment
'A Little Bit Zombie' is a hilarious horror comedy about a regular guy who suddenly finds himself craving brains over wedding cake. It’s available on DVD and Blu-ray.
Most things in the undead genre have been done - to the point that subcategories were established for fast and slow zombies. But comedy featuring the living impaired seems to be a difficult category to master. Leave it to the horror cultivators of Hollywood North to do it right in A Little Bit Zombie.
Steve (Kristopher Turner) is a mild-mannered HR manager preparing for life with his beautiful, neurotic fiancée Tina (Crystal Lowe). To encourage Tina and his sister, Sarah (Kristen Hager), to bury the hatchet before the wedding, he plans a weekend getaway to a cabin in the woods for the three of them and Sarah's husband (a.k.a. Steve's best friend), Craig (Shawn Roberts) – of which Tina scheduled every minute. However things go awry when Steve is attacked by an undead mosquito, turning him into a zombie-hybrid. Still able to function as a human, he battles his desire for brains as his loved ones come to terms with "his condition." In the meantime a couple of zombie hunters (Stephen McHattie and Emilie Ullerup) realize they may have the possibility for a cure on their hands, so they begin to track the unwitting carrier.
There is a lot of funny in this film. The group dynamic between the characters is highly entertaining. Tina and Sarah are constantly trading verbal barbs, which eventually result in a physical altercation of boob punching and hair pulling. In the interim, Steve attempts to involve everyone in team building exercises, treating their getaway as a corporate retreat rather than a vacation. As Steve begins to turn, Turner begins to carry more of the narrative on his shoulders, addressing issues of excessive drooling at the mention of a brain and an insatiable urge to eat the family pet. His friends and family's desire to cope with the new circumstances of their relationships is also humorous as they collect his decaying body parts and look for alternatives to satisfy his hunger. Tina is having her perfectly planned wedding one way or another!
The additional zombie hunters story is generally just filler between new developments within the core group. They are both well portrayed characters, but the film would have remained equally good without them. It wouldn't have been difficult to script other ways to introduce the same plot devices.
The bottom line is this picture is laugh-out-loud funny. It never lags and achieves the perfect balance of comedy and good characters, resulting in an enjoyable film experience that you'll want to repeat soon after.
Director: Casey Walker
Starring: Stephen McHattie, Kristopher Turner and Crystal Lowe
Special features include: commentary by director Casey Walker, actors Turner and Roberts; a making-of featurette; “Meet the Cast” featurette; “Anatomy of a Vomit Scene” featurette; “Billy and his Dress” featurette; “Bug Splatter: A Science” featurette; “Destruction of a Phone” featurette; “Guns of ALBZ” featurette; three bonus videos; “Casey Walker’s Director Diaries”; blooper reel and outtakes; photo galleries; and trailers. (Anchor Bay Entertainment)
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