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article imageKatie Couric on Kate Middleton: 'I think she needs to eat more'

By Yukio Strachan     Sep 5, 2012 in Entertainment
Katie Couric’s dream of having Kate Middleton as a guest on her new talk show, may more than likely remain just that –– a dream –– after calling the Duchess of Cambridge just “too thin.”
"Has the stress of her recent wedding to Prince William, coupled with the stress of being so firmly in the public eye, caused the new Duchess of Cambridge to lose weight?"
Entertainmentwise news was one of many news outlets that asked this question after her wedding to Prince William. Fitness experts, registered dietitians, holistic nutritionists, and even editors of women magazines have all chimed in to say a resounding yes.
Now, Katie Couric adds her name to the ever growing list.
During an interview posted on September 3, 2012 with, Couric said the Duchess of Cambridge is on the top of her list as a "dream guest " for her new talk show "Katie".
“I think it would be really interesting to interview Kate Middleton because I think she has comported herself so well since she has been thrust in the limelight,” Couric said.
But the former “Today” and CBS Evening News anchor had more to say, a bit of constructive criticism. “I think she needs to eat more because she’s so thin,” she said
Katie Couric sounds off on Kate Middleton s (shown above) slim figure.
Katie Couric sounds off on Kate Middleton's (shown above) slim figure.
Screenshot via YouTube
Couric echoed this answer again in a profile Tuesday for USA Today. According to the profile, after a recent taping of her show, Couric, 55, spent several minutes answering questions from the audience. Someone asked who her "dream guest" would be. (Kate Middleton, Couric answered, though "I think she's getting too thin.")
As mentioned earlier, Middleton’s svelte frame has made headlines before. In April last year, The New York Post reported that the Duchess of Cambridge lost 10 pounds before her wedding to Prince William.
And some worry that Middleton’s dietary habits are the reason why the Royal couple have yet to become pregnant, despite the tabloids saying otherwise. ( According to Star mag, Kate Middleton has been pregnant since 2010. This week "Star" has Prince William and Kate Middleton expecting again.)
Some also worry that the Duchess might be walking in Princess Diana's footsteps, who revealed that she developed an eating disorder under the pressures of being a newly crowned princess. (The video below contain extracts from the 1995 BBC interview in which she talks about her eating disorder.)
"I don't think we have a problem like Di did with weight," a royals insider told E! News last year. "I don't think William would put up with it, he's very attuned to things with Kate, unlike Charles was with Diana."
Reactions:Get off Kate Middleton’s back, Katie Couric
Even though it was not made immediately clear why the new daytime talk show host made the comment, what was made immediately clear was this: it didn't go unnoticed.
"Safe to say Couric wont be granted anymore interviews with the Royal Family ever again, and rightly so," said one commenter on YouTube. Apparently, during the Diamond Jubilee, Couric was given exclusive access to the Royal Family.
even meeting Queen Elizabeth II.
Screenshot via YouTube
"In this particular case, I'm with Katie," said a commenter at "We have an epidemic of anorexia among young women striving for perfection, and Kate Middleton is, apparently, a poster child for this issue."
"Why should we be any less concerned for royalty as we are for other non-famous people who are struggling with this problem?"
Salon's Mary Elizabeth Williams has an answer for that. Williams was not amused by Couric's comment and she said so in an article titled, Get off Kate Middleton’s back, Katie Couric: "Because apparently this bears restating on a daily basis, here’s your Wednesday reminder."
Don’t snark on women’s bodies. Don’t judge them based on their weight. If a member of the female sex does not conform to your ideal image of what her size should be, you know what? Keep it to yourself, concern troll. This one is going out to you, Katie Couric."
There's been no word from the Couric camp so far on her reaction. But posted a video on YouTube (shown below) around 4pm Tuesday afternoon, Sep 5, 2012, saying among other things that Couric didn't mean her comment as a dig on Middleton, she just cares about women being healthy, that's all.
Katie,” Couric's new daytime talk show premieres Monday, September 10th.
We want to know what you think? Let us know in the comment section below!
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