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article image7/7 victim John Tulloch can go, but foreign terrorists can stay

By Richard Milnes     Sep 5, 2012 in World
Cardiff - Professor John Tulloch who, according to Prince Charles, who visited him in hospital, exemplified the ‘resilience of the British people’ after the London bombings, faces deportation; in contrast to at least eleven foreign terrorists.
He became a symbol of the country’s resilience after his picture was published in the media after the 7/7 attacks, as he emerged from Edgeware Road station. Shards of shrapnel were embedded in his bloodied face.
He was one of hundreds injured in 2005 when four suicide bombers attacked central London killing 52 people.
The Daily Mail reports that he was sitting opposite the ringleader of the suicide bombers, Mohammed Sidique Khan when he detonated his explosives on a Tube train.
Background of Professor John Tulloch
According to the Daily Mail, Professor John Tulloch was born to British parents and can trace his British ancestry back to the 14th century. Though the BBC quotes him as saying “My family goes back in Britain to [the year] 1200 or something.” Whatever the precise year, it is a long time. reports that the 70-year old faces expulsion despite being born to British parents in a British colony, marrying a British woman and having two British sons.
From the age of three he was raised and educated in Britain and has lived or worked in the UK for most of his life. The BBC reports that he the Vale of Glamorgan in south Wales.
Why the problem?
Professor Tulloch was born in India before independence. He had a form of British nationality known as a “British subject without citizenship”.
Professor Tulloch applied for a position at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. In 1983 he became an Australian Citizen.
Unfortunately for him he had not applied for full British citizenship before he applied for his Australian citizenship as in doing so he effectively cancelled the British nationality that he held.
Betrayed by Britain
The Daily Mail reports Professor Tulloch as saying, "I am totally gobsmacked by this. My family served Britain for three generations. I’ve been banging my head against a wall trying to get this sorted out. It’s like Kafka. I look back now, on the verge of being thrown out of residence in the UK, at something like 120 years of my family’s distinguished service to Britain in India. This isn’t simply an insult to me, but to generations of my family."
Some people that Britain have welcomed
The Daily Mail compares the case with those of at least eleven foreign-born terrorists who were not deported after serving prison sentences.
The Daily Mail reminds readers of some of the criminals and overstayers that the British authorities have allowed to stay because their human rights would be at risk, including,
Aso Mohammed Ibrahim from Iraq who ran over 12-year-old Amy Houston and allowed her ‘to die like a dog’;
Andre James from Jamaica who The Telegraph reports was involved in cocaine dealing;
Camilo Soria Avila from Bolivia who famously provided the excuse of having bought a pet cat together with his gay partner;
Rocky Gurung from Nepal, who was part of a gang that killed a man in 2008 by throwing him into the River Thames.
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