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article imageBill Clinton to deliver unvetted speech at DNC, but some worry

By Yukio Strachan     Sep 4, 2012 in Politics
Charlotte - While former President Bill Clinton is on deck to speak at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night, some are worried about another Clint Eastwood moment since Clinton's speech has yet to be Obama campaign-approved.
Clinton has not submitted his Democratic National Convention speech to the Obama campaign for "vetting" yet, but a senior campaign official told CBS News Monday that the campaign isn't concerned about it.
"He will get his speech done when he wants to get his speech done. We're not worried one bit," the campaign official said.
But the Toronto Star reporting from the Democratic National Convention said that Clint Eastwood’s "Empty Chair Syndrome" that afflicted last week’s Republican National Convention, lingers in the air in Charlotte.
According to the Star, "some Democratic loyalists are fretting over the prospect of a September Surprise of their own as they ready for Bill Clinton’s turn at the microphone."
Like Eastwood, the two-term former president is slated to deliver a key speech in prime time Wednesday night. At last week's Republican convention in Tampa, Fla., actor Clint Eastwood delivered a widely ridiculed prime-time speech of him addressing an empty chair as if he were talking to President Obama.
But that was only the beginning, because Eastwood also, well, went slightly off message.
As summarized by the Star:
Eastwood criticized the war in Afghanistan, which was started by Republican George W. Bush; criticized “gas-guzzlers,” which oil-friendly Republicans usually don’t do; and argued that lawyers should not be president, though Romney has a law degree.
Clinton, though, hasn't always stayed on message for the Obama campaign. The conservative web site, Hill news reports that during a interview in May with CNN, Clinton described Mitt Romney's business record as "sterling" — undercutting Obama attacks on his record at Bain Capital.
And as recently as June, The Wall Street Journal reminds us that Clinton gave Obama's campaign a headache by suggesting the Bush-era tax cuts should be extended, contradicting a central Obama campaign message.
Still, Obama traveling press secretary Jen Psaki insisted Tuesday said that letting Clinton's speech go unvetted didn't run the same risk that Republicans ran by failing to review Eastwood's remarks.
"We have absolute confidence about what he’s going to say," Psaki said, The Hill reports. "And we think, who better to deliver a message to the American people about the choice middle-class families in this country are facing, the difference between what the vision President Obama is presenting to the American people and the vision Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are presenting?"
Should the Democrats be concerned with a Clint Eastwood type speech with former President Bill Clinton known to his detractors as “Slick Willie”?
Let us know what you think below in the comment section!
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