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article imageReview: New on DVD for September 4 Special

By Sarah Gopaul     Sep 4, 2012 in Entertainment
This week's releases include a series that pushes the envelope in more ways than one; a stoner comedy featuring a dramatic regular; and a crime show that manages to do it differently.
2 Broke Girls: The Complete First Season (Blu-ray)
A lot of girls move to New York City to “make it” but these girls are just trying to make their rent. Two girls from very different backgrounds – Max (Kat Dennings), poor from birth, and Caroline (Beth Behrs), born wealthy but down on her luck – wind up as waitresses in the same colourful Brooklyn diner and strike up an unlikely friendship that could lead to a successful business venture. All they need to do is come up with $250,000 in start-up expenses.
There were critics who tried to put the show down because of its so called prejudice, but not a word of the show is mean-spirited or bigoted. To some extent the characters are stereotypes, but so are people. Max is an automatic hit with clever zingers and a feisty but likable attitude. It takes a little longer for Caroline's personality to grow on viewers, but as she softens so too does the audience's opinion of her. Han, Earl and Oleg are fantastic supporting characters that are consistent sources of more comedy. The running total of money for the cupcake business is a nice connector for each episode. The story lines range from breaking into Caroline's lavish former home to taking care of a homeless horse to unexpected heartbreak to stalking Martha Stewart in the bathroom. These girls are determined to be successful, which gained them a second season with high hopes attached.
Special features not available. (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)
Donovan's Echo (Blu-ray)
After a long absence, Donovan Matheson (Danny Glover) returns home to discover events from his past are repeating. Plagued by the idea of déjà vu, Donovan is convinced his young neighbour and her mother will be killed on the 30th anniversary of his own wife and daughter’s death. Struggling to unlock the pattern, Donovan tries to convince his brother-in-law, Finnley (Bruce Greenwood) to help prevent a similar tragedy. When his facts don’t add up, Donovan’s sanity is questioned.
Special features not available. (Anchor Bay Entertainment)
Haven – Season 2 (Blu-ray)
Following the death of the chief, the Biblical Plagues of Egypt fall upon the town. Meanwhile, Audrey and Nathan deal with a brunette woman claiming to be Audrey Parker who has appeared at the same time that Evidence Ryan, Duke's ex-wife, returns to Haven. After the Plagues are averted, Nathan discovers that the town's religious fanatic is starting a war. Nathan steps up to fill the position of Interim Chief of Police, while Audrey deals with the possibility that she may, in fact, be Lucy Ripley, and Duke continues to look for a way to save himself from the tattooed man destined to kill him. Audrey finally gets some more information on herself thanks to Nathan, but everything is about to change and Haven will never be the same.
Special features not available. (Entertainment One)
Anchor Bay Entertainment
High School (Blu-ray)
The day after soon-to-be valedictorian Henry Burke (Matt Bush) takes a hit of the chronic for the first time, his school principal (Michael Chiklis) institutes a zero tolerance drug policy and administers a mandatory drug test for all students. Henry has two options: fail and lose his college scholarship, or team up with his stoner friend Breaux (Sean Marquette) to beat the system. They steal potent marijuana from law student-turned-drug-dealer Psycho Ed (Adrien Brody) and spike the school’s bake sale brownies, getting the whole school—faculty included—completely stoned out of their minds. But with the student body getting higher and higher with every brownie, and a pissed-off Psycho Ed on their tails for stealing his stash, they must find a way to keep their half-baked plan from going up in smoke.
Special features not available. (Anchor Bay Entertainment)
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
Person of Interest: The Complete First Season (DVD & Blu-ray combo pack)
Set in New York City, this procedural centres on an ex-CIA agent (Jim Caviezel), presumed dead, who partners with a mysterious billionaire (Michael Emerson) to prevent violent crimes. Using data siphoned off the U.S. intelligence agencies' threat matrix -- information not related to terrorism, but rather violent crimes of a personal nature -- during each episode, the former CIA agent and his enigmatic partner identify a "person of interest" and set about solving the mystery of the impending crime. Tapping into the world's Big Brother-like surveillance network, the shadowy duo knows that something bad is going to happen; it's their mission to discover what that event will be and somehow prevent it.
This isn't your typical police investigator series because no crime has been committed yet. However, it is like a police drama in the way it still must examine the facts and uncover the clues to prevent the creation of a new criminal. It is most easily described as a cross between 24 and NCIS as the pair uses government surveillance to gather evidence and resort to any means necessary to get the job done. Henson's role evolved with the show, building her character to provide Caviezel's lone wolf with another lifeline. The cognizant crime fighters do not always succeed, but each new case creates greater alliance and more suspicion.
Special features not available. (Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)
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