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article imageEDL Walthamstow: Police allow violence from Cameron backed UAF

By Richard Milnes     Sep 4, 2012 in World
Walthamstow - New video evidence shows the sheer scale of violence and intimidation used by the far-left organised counter demonstration. The Metropolitan Police can be seen losing control of the situation and then giving in to the perpetrators.
As previously reported by Digital Journal, the English Defence League (EDL) planned a march and rally in Walthamstow, East London on Saturday, 1 September.
Violent, far-left UAF backed by British Prime Minister David Cameron
The far-left UAF is given credibility by the fact that many in the British establishment openly support it. Signatories to their founding statement include British Prime Minister David Cameron who has consistently failed to condemn the use of violent tactics by UAF, including the use of darts and claw hammers to attack and silence political opponents.
About a year ago, as reported by Suite101, Cameron had criticized the EDL, saying, “…there is none sicker than the EDL”. This led to the EDL Angels (women’s division) protesting outside Downing Street.
Deafening silence from mainstream British media
The National Union of Journalists (NUJ) also supports the far-left UAF. Digital Journal previously exposed the left-wing bias of the NUJ, including the current General Secretary Michelle Stanistreet who wrote an article in the Communist newspaper the Morning Star in which she sent a clear message to journalists as to how she expects them to report the EDL.
At the time of writing, a Google search of ‘EDL Walthamstow’ reveals only one pre-demo article by the left leaning ‘The Independent’ newspaper. None of the British mainstream media have an online report of the highly newsworthy event. Why have the mainstream British media remained silent?
British police give in to far-left counter demo violence and move agreed EDL rally
Video footage shows British Freedom Party (BFP) Chairman, Paul Weston and co-Vice Chairmen Kevin Carroll and Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) trying to ensure that their planned demonstration goes ahead and speeches are made. The BFP is the political wing of the EDL.
The British police allow speeches to be made, but only if the PA system remains off so they can’t be heard. The EDL supporters are not at the intended point where speeches were to be given as the counter demonstrators blocked the road.
Kevin Carroll says, “Right, as you can see the police have failed to control this crowd. We’ve been attacked with bricks, bottles, lumps of wood; everything you can imagine. The police have failed to hold them back. We’re now being told that we’re not allowed to do our speeches. We’re being denied our right to peaceful assembly and freedom of speech and our democratic process to protest peacefully. Now we’re being denied it.
“All our English Defence League members are over there.” He points to an area in the distance.
“They’ve all been cordoned off. All the Islamists and the leftists and the UAF are all over here throwing bottles and weapons and antagonizing us....
He then highlights the biased British press saying, “But tomorrow’s press…tomorrow’s press will not read leftists and Islamic fundamentalists attack English Defence League members. It will read something like ‘inflammatory EDL incite crowd’. You know they will turn… they will put a spin on it that it is us. We’ve just been stood here and we’re being told we cannot have our protest. And it is our right to protest, but these people…there’s been bottles, broken bottles as you can see. Glass, bricks, lumps of wood – lumps of wood out in the road. It’s outrageous.
“A complete breakdown of democracy is happening right here, right now. It’s unbelievable and the police have failed to facilitate us this. Although I am a great supporter of the police, they have failed here today. They should not have let this crowd get up on top of us.”
Another EDL supporter asks Kevin “Have the police arrested anybody for throwing the missiles?”
“No one has been arrested for throwing a missile. Countless bottles, countless bricks, half bricks and weaponry. No one has been arrested. Yet somebody put the PA system on and the police threatened to arrest them.”
A flustered and exhausted looking female police officer then comes up to Kevin Carroll and informs him “What we’re gonna do… is, we’re gonna ask you and the speakers to join the EDL. We’re not bringing them here. All right? They are not being brought round here. We are holding them there. But we still want you to have your rally.”
Kevin Carroll interrupts, “So where are we going to be facilitated in our stage?”
"The stage can’t go round there, so what we’re offering at the moment is the speakers go round…The EDL are over there. You can do your speeches and then we will get you away.”
Soon after, Paul Weston, Chairman of the British freedom Party asks the policewoman, “Why are you not allowing us legal freedom of assembly and freedom of speech?” He continues “Can I ask why you are giving into these people over here?”
“We’re not giving in.” the policewoman responds.
“Oh yes you are.”
Tommy Robinson speaks to EDL
Tommy Robinson finally manages to speak to the EDL with the use of a loud speaker inside a police van.
“He got up at four o’clock this morning to come here to travel to stand with us. And we’ve had Muslims throwing rocks, bottles and bricks and I’ve not seen one police officer jump on them. That’s what’s happened. We’ve already surrendered our rights.
“Our rights and our freedoms disappeared when we were taken off the PA system over there. We were walked around here to be f**king hid in the corner, while they run riot.
“Oh you’re going to arrest me for swearing” he says as a policeman comes up to him. “Yeah thought so.”
“What we’ve got is a violent hostile mob that are ruling the streets of London.
“Our rights, our freedoms have been taken away today.
“We have soldiers dying, suffering in far away fields for freedom of speech and for democracy and whilst they’re doing that our police force are taking it away.
“So stick the speeches, we’ll be back in London in six weeks!”
Kevin Carroll displays the objects used as weapons that could have killed someone
Kevin Carroll then goes through the assortment of weaponry used by the far-left organized street mob. “Loads of bottles, broken bottles bricks, lumps of wood.” He says in disgust. "I mean that would kill someone. That would kill a human being. That would smash someone’s skull in.” he says as he picks up part of a brick that was thrown at them earlier on.
Real local people welcome EDL
Away from the intimidation of the mobs of predominantly Muslim ethnic youths, assisted by the intolerant far-left, the real local people could be seen welcoming the EDL, almost as if a liberating army had arrived in town.
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