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article image'The Possession' possesses the number one spot in weak weekend

By Tim O'Brien     Sep 2, 2012 in Entertainment
Not much talk centered around movies this Labor Day weekend, and even with one day left on the holiday, break lights could be seen at the turnstiles.
With football on the minds of many and stadiums all across the country filled with fans, the movie business is going to need a shot in the arm as fall rolls in. As for the Labor Day holiday, it seems as if Hollywood throws its hands up and says, "we give up." The new films offered up didn't exactly elicit that "must go" feeling.
It showed in the weekend take as "The Possession" was the only film in double digits but it failed to grab $20 million. After two weeks on top with weak numbers, "The Expendables 2" drops to third as "Lawless" nabs the second spot.
1. "The Possession" - $17.7 million
2. "Lawless" - $9.6 million (total, $11.8 million, as it opened on a Wednesday)
3. "The Expendables 2" - $8.8 million
4. "The Bourne Legacy" - $7.2 million
5. "ParaNorman" - $6.5 million
The good news for a weak top spot showing was that the budget for "The Possession" was only $14 million, so they have succeeded. As for "2016: Obama's America" is now at $18 million as it took in another $5.1 million weekend haul, despite its lack of media coverage.
The one thing a good box office number can overlook is the mere fact that less people are attending movies and that is s troubling sign for the studios. The higher prices makes a blockbuster shine but if less people see the film, it diminishes the glory.The collective movie-going experience is what drives many people to see a film, so watching it alone at home or on a movie channel as it plays over and over again, cannot be what studios really want. It can't be.
The other list will delve into past leaders when the year ended. As September and the fall movie season is here, can anything come close to "The Avengers" as the year winds down. Not likely, as "The Dark Knight Rises" was poised to make a run but will not overtake it. It is now, however, in the top ten, domestically, of all time. "The Avengers" is only looking up at "Titanic" and "Avatar" on that list.
Year end winners
2012 - "The Avengers" so far and will not likely be passed
2011 - "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2"
2010 - "Toy Story 3"
2009 - "Avatar"
2008 - "The Dark Knight"
In order to get its record box office, the turnstiles have to start spinning more. Stay tuned, as the summer was hot for a few films, but not hot enough, as it fizzled on too many other fronts.
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