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article imageOp-Ed: White House releases beer recipes: Ale for the Chief

By Ken Hanly     Sep 2, 2012 in Politics
Washington - The White House has released its beer and ale recipes. Apparently this is the first beer to be brewed at the White House. The beer also uses honey from the first bee hives to grace the White House.
You can share in the White House beer recipes by simply going to the the government website. The staff were actually surprised at how well the beer turned out since they have no experience with home brewing.
The first brew was White House Honey Brown Ale. While George Washington brewed beer and also distilled whiskey he did it at Mount Vernon. Since brewing the White House Honey Brown Ale the White House brewers have gone on to add a Honey Porter and finally a Honey Blonde this summer. The honey does not make the beer sweeter but imparts a rich aroma. An official brew video has been appended to the article.
Brewing beer and releasing recipes may add zest to the presidential campaign and brand Obama as an ordinary guy whom you would like to have a beer with. Romney will have trouble trying to match Obama in this respect since as a Mormon he does not drink alcoholic beverages.
Obama even held a beer summit at the White House Rose Garden with a white police sergeant who had arrested black Harvard Professor Henry Gates when Gates was trying to get into his own home. Obama was trying to make peace after he had criticized the officer. Obama has even bought rounds of beer for people on occasion.
White House chef Sam Kass said in a video:"Brewing beer is becoming a thing that Americans are doing in their houses and garages across the country...And the president certainly thought it would be a great idea to join the American people in that time-honoured tradition." Perhaps this means that brewing beer will become politically correct, that is unless Romney gets in.
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