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article imageReview: Two relatively new magazines: 'CALM' and 'For 'Em'

By Alexander Baron     Sep 2, 2012 in Entertainment
London - Last week, copies of two magazines came into my possession, both relatively new, both with thoughtful things to say, one aimed at women, the other at men.
For 'Em appears to take its name from Forum, a long established journal devoted to sex and sexual relations. CALM or CALMzine comes from the acronym Campaign Against Living Miserably, which grew out of a government project in 1997 to become a registered charity in 2006.
The magazines, both small A5 affairs, were given to me, and as neither is priced, one can assume they are given away free; CALM certainly is, being distributed at certain London stores and venues. Just as certainly nobody buys magazines of this nature in the Internet age unless they come as part of a subscription package. Naturally, they both have websites, though the For 'Em site is a blog.
It remains to be seen if For 'Em will survive, indeed it was founded last September, seems to have floundered by January, and may already have disappeared. It appears to be written by female students at or associated with a certain institution in Central London, and although it doesn't exhibit the usual anti-male lunacy of most so-called feminists, it makes the de rigueur feminist assumption that men are obsessed with sex all the time. The reality is that the overwhelming majority of us aren't; that is why we unravelled the mysteries of nature and built empires while you stayed in the kitchen, dear. Having said that, it does contain some unusually thoughtful articles.
CALM is altogether more serious. Did you realise the leading cause of death for males aged 15–35 is suicide? I did, and nearly became one of those statistics in 1976, but that's another story. CALM and the people behind it appear to have made a significant dent in that figure. Now if we could only stop killing each other as well...
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