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article imagePeaceful EDL Walthamstow demo attacked by far-left extremists

By Richard Milnes     Sep 2, 2012 in World
Walthamstow - The English Defence League (EDL) had intended to peacefully protest by holding a march in Walthamstow, Waltham Forest, but their route was blocked and they were attacked.
As reported yesterday by Digital Journal the EDL had come to Walthamstow, East London to protest about problems with Muslim extremists in the area.
EDL demonstration
The EDL arrived at Blackhorse Road tube station. The EDL march had to be diverted down Bromley Road after the street was blocked by ethnic youths and UAF.
Both EDL leader Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) and his cousin Kevin Carroll were at the demonstration.
Police blamed
On social networking sites such as Facebook the EDL were blaming the police for failing to keep order. Their march was prevented from going ahead along the planned route and the planned speeches could not be made.
A post by the English Defence League – London Division said “Congratulations to the Met, for completely losing control of the streets…and behaving like prize p***ks. Complaints to follow. Here are a selection of missiles that the Met allowed to be thrown at us, while they did NOTHING!! The Stow is still burning!”
Violence from far-left UAF/SWP organized counter demonstration
Those involved with the extreme far-left Unite Against Fascism (UAF) and Socialist Workers Party (SWP) organized the counter demonstration under the name ‘We are Waltham Forest’.
Reports have emerged that a group broke away from the main counter demonstration in order to confront the EDL.
The Guardian-Series reports, “fighting started with bottles, flower pots and firecrackers being thrown.”
The Iranian state owned PressTV reports that the EDL were put “under a barrage of bottles, firecrackers, and flower pots, when their planned route was blocked by members of the UAF.”
A Demotix report by Peter Marshall says, “a few sticks and other objects were beginning to be thrown towards the EDL. A small brick landed a few yards from Robinson and was picked up by the EDL and handed to a police officer as evidence.”
Another Demotix report by Relay Images describes the opposition protest as “often clashing with police during attempts to confront the EDL.”
A YouTube video shows a rock being thrown at the EDL leader Tommy Robinson, who picks it up and hands it to the police.
The New English Review reports that more and more young men arrived brandishing sticks.
The EDL were held at Blackhorse Road as it is believed that the RMT train drivers’ union refused to drive the trains to take them away.
There were apparently many arrests of EDL supporters under ‘potential breach of the peace’. The police have previously resorted to the tactic of arresting those likely to be attacked instead of the attackers when they are unable to cope.
The latest Digital Journal update to this event can be seen here.
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