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article imageSex assault victim responds to 'don't dress like a whore' comment

By Darren Weir     Aug 30, 2012 in World
Toronto - A woman who says she's a victim of sexual assault in Toronto has sent an open letter addressed to Krista Ford, the niece of Toronto's mayor, who created a firestorm of controversy for telling women not to "dress like a whore" to avoid being raped.
Digital Journal reported, that just one hour after Toronto Police held a news conference to warn women about a series of sexual assaults, Ford posted a comment on Twitter saying, “Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don’t dress like a whore.”
Today 24-year old Alice Moran wrote an open letter that she posted on her Facebook page and addressed to Ford. In it, the actress/comedian says she is "one of the victims of the recent string of sexual assaults in the Annex." She writes, "I feel like you owe me a moment of your time, even though we’ve never meet. The circumstance being you called me a whore." At the end of the letter she posted a photo that appears to be her as a child with the caption, "nice ascot, slut."
The posting has gone viral on Facebook with thousands of shares in the first 6-hours after it went up.
The Toronto Star says Ford, a former player with the US-based Lingerie Football league has since apologized for the tweet, that has since been removed. “I didn’t mean to cause such an alarm and I apologize if I did. I just want women to be safe.”
Moran's letter reads:
"Dear a lot of people, but specifically Ms. Krista Ford,
In advance I’d like to say I am sorry. This is not the ideal situation to first acquaint oneself with someone and I am mortified. Sorry! However, under the circumstance, I feel like you owe me a moment of your time, even though we’ve never meet.
The circumstance being you called me a whore.
I should clarify: I’m one of the victims of the recent string of sexual assaults in the Annex. ‘Sup? It’s nice to make you acquaintance.
So, you’ve called me a whore. Here we are. This is awkward now, isn’t it? You’re probably wondering if I’m going to challenge you on having been a member of Lingerie League. I’m not, because I’d never slut-shame another woman. I believe you have a right to your body and regardless of how you do or don’t dress it I believe you have a right to respect and personal security. I guess that’s the key difference in our thinking. You could wear a t-shirt that says “I’m literally asking for it” and I’d still advocate for your security.
That’s what I’m asking for this brief moment of your day, for your edification. You’re a woman and you should know that your body is yours and yours alone. No matter how you dress it, you have a right – an actual Charter of Rights and Freedom right – to not be sexually assaulted. You are entitled to life, liberty and the security of person. Welcome to Canada – you live here! If you weren’t aware of your Charter rights, other Canadian things you may have missed out on are double-doubles, good maple syrup, and Beachcombers*, so check that shit out.
For the record, I was sexually assaulted while wearing a knee-length polka-dot dress. The last time I wore that dress, it was to Easter dinner at my Gran’s, where I’m fairly certain I could make little to no money whoring.
With due respect / sorry,
Alice Moran
Canadian / Comedian / Beachcombers Enthusiast"
The Star says a Toronto police officer made a similar comment last year when he said, “women should avoid dressing like sluts not to be victimized.” That comment launched "Slutwalk", where women around the world held a series of protest marches against comments about how women dress being linked to sexual assault.The officer later apologized.
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