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article imageTwo in Florida claim they seek right to shoot illegal voters

By Marcus Hondro     Aug 30, 2012 in Odd News
The source of this story suggests now the two men in the midst of it were pulling a hoax, as the article below and the original source noted may be the case. it is unknown who the men really were.
The right to shoot illegal voters is being sought, or so it would seem, by Floridians Robert Stevens and John Nelson. “I think a gun owner should be able to ask for ID and help us police the poll, protect the polls,” Stevens told media.
The two, according to Arun Gupta of AlterNews, who spoke to the petitioners at a rally to protest voter suppression at Tampa's Centennial Park, do have a sense of fairness. Not only would you have to have a registered firearm with an operating permit to shoot the illegal voter under their proposed law, you'd in fact have to be certain that they were an illegal voter.
But under this law, called the 'Protect the Polls' law in their pamphlets, should a voter's I.D.. seem fake, and if they looked "shifty" and "Illegal", you could shoot them. Again though, you'd have to have that registered gun and a permit. “I think a gun owner should be able to ask for ID and help us police the poll, protect the polls,” Stevens told Gupta. The two claim they are Republican supporters, but steer clear of any affiliation with the party.
GOP supporter: "And you shoot him"
Upon getting a pamphlet from the two 28-year-old GOP supporters, Gupta, who describes them as looking like they were "straight out of central casting for Young Republicans," was incredulous enough that he couldn't be sure they weren't pulling a prank or in the midst of a performance art piece. They assured him they were not, though it seems possibly they were really good at pranking or performance art and their response was simply part of the show.
Here's what Gupta wrote of his attempts to clarify their 'Protect the Polls" proposal: "Stevens claimed that 'illegals and other people without government IDs' were committing voter fraud. I outlined a scenario, 'I’m a gun owner. I go to the polls. I have my gun. So, how does it work? There’s this guy who looks like an illegal alien, and he looks pretty shifty...'
'And you shoot him,' Stevens said, cutting me off."
While the two young men wore Romney and other Republican buttons there was no indication they are connected to the party, nor is there anything pointing to the two having any support whatsoever from members or officials of the GOP.
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