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article imageOp-Ed: Rob Ford's niece tweets 'don't dress like a whore' as rape advice

By Sherene Chen-See     Aug 30, 2012 in Odd News
Toronto - Krista Ford, a former member of the Toronto Triumph Lingerie Football Team, tweeted one hour after a police press conference on rape today that women should "Stay alert, walk tall, carry mace, take self-defence classes & don’t dress like a whore."
It is one of the most hypocritical tweets this writer has read in a long time. A woman who, up until October of last year, routinely played football in lingerie (mostly for the pleasure of "beer drinking college guys") is now telling women they can protect themselves from being raped if they avoid dressing provocatively.
Krista Ford is the niece of Toronto mayor Rob Ford and daughter of councillor Doug Ford. Apparently, she is also a TV personality. She is in the public eye. One could say it was just a stupid tweet but she should have known better. She has given Rob Ford yet another reason to worry about bad publicity, and he is quite capable of bringing on negative press all by himself.
She posted her tweet just one hour after the police held a news conference, warning women about a sex predator in the Toronto area who allegedly has committed a number of sexual assaults. If any of this rapist's victims* are paying attention to the news and what Krista is saying, how are they supposed to feel?
Krista's tweet is sure to make headlines in Toronto but it is hard to say at this point what the public reaction will be. We do know that last year, a Toronto police officer was heavily criticized for telling women not to dress like sluts if they wanted to avoid being raped. His comments provoked such an outcry that the 'Slut Walk' movement was born.
*Update: one of the rapist's victims has addressed Krista's tweet in a touching letter on her Facebook page that has gone viral, reports Digital Journal's Darren Weir.
Let us reiterate one more time, for people everywhere but especially hypocritical former lingerie football players who tell other women to dress demurely otherwise they might get raped: most women who are sexually assaulted are not wearing provocative clothing. Not dressing like a whore is in no way a protective mechanism against rape.
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