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article imageTelomere Therapy – The new hope for staying young naturally Special

By Ernest Dempsey     Aug 29, 2012 in Health
Vero Beach - Want to be a thousand years young? Maybe a new therapy offered by a doctor in Florida is just the beginning to achieving this dream.
Looking young is one thing; being one is another. To date, numerous kinds of cosmetic surgeries and fad diets have promised to keep one’s look young and one’s health protected against diseases. Now, a doctor in Florida claims to offer a new therapy for slowing down, even reversing aging.
Dr. Dirk Parvus of Vero beach, Florida, has developed his Telomere Therapy for slowing down the natural aging process. His therapy is based on protecting the telomeres from rapid degeneration. A telomere is the portion of DNA that caps or seals the ends of chromosomes. With age, as body cells divide to produce new cells, the telomeres get shortened, leading to degeneration of cells and inviting signs of aging with decline in the cells’ capacity to divide further, usually accompanied by a range of health problems. By increasing the time it takes telomere to shorten, healthy cell division can be extended and thus a healthier physical condition can be achieved, with expectation to live longer as well as look younger, naturally.
Dr. Parvus tells that certain cells, like germ and stem cells, are virtually immortal because their telomeres remain intact due to the activity of a special enzyme. He says, “The enzyme Telomerase remains ‘switched on’ and their telomeres do not shorten and they are called immortal cells, as they can keep dividing and do not age.”
According to Dr. Parvus, currently TA-65 is the only known Telomerase Activator, and that is what his therapy uses for slowing the aging process. In his words:
“A patient has blood tests to measure their average telomere length. Some blood is stored to use at a later date to compare and see whether their telomeres have lengthened and we have found that the telomeres lengthen on average 26% after 1-2 years of therapy.”
Along with the therapy there are, of course, lifestyle adaptations that serve as a natural check on the aging process, protecting the telomeres from deteriorating.
“Our genes can be switched on and off by the environment. An example is the fact that “a calorie is not a calorie”. By that we mean calories from fast foods “turn on” far different genes than the same number of calories from vegetables and the effect on our bodies is vastly different. Food is information for our bodies and other factors such as sleep, exercise, stress, relationships, recreation, smoking, obesity etc directly affect the body and either increase or decrease our “speed” of aging,” tells Dr. Parvus.
Development of Telomerase therapy dates back to about a decade ago when Geron Corporation researchers isolated TA-65 from the herb astragalus.
Currently, as Dr. Parvus tells, there are no known adverse effects of the therapy and those taking the treatment report improved hairlines, improved athletic performance, increased strength, libido, and feeling of well-being. It is the optimum health and natural treasure of youth that make Dr. Parvus’s therapy an irresistible attraction for those who desire lasting youth and freedom from disease.
Read the complete interview with Dr. Dirk Parvus about Telomere Therapy at the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs.
Visit the Parvus Center online to learn more about Dr. Dirk Parvus.
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