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article imageOp-Ed: A real US civil war? Soldiers plot to ‘kill Obama’

By Paul Wallis     Aug 29, 2012 in Politics
Sydney - If you’re looking for proof of the irresponsibility and anti-democratic nature of hatemongering psychosis in US politics, this is a case in point. US soldiers have been arrested on murder charges, and a large arsenal of weapons discovered.
The so-called anarchist group, comprised of currently serving and former soldiers, was discovered when a couple were murdered “for knowing too much” about the group and/or took money and planned to leave the group.
(The information available comes from sources which leave out and include different things regarding this story. It's pretty messy.)
The four men became part of a group that aimed "to give the government back to the people," according to Burnett (alleged party to the murders), who admitted that revolution was its goal. They called it FEAR - Forever Enduring Always Ready, and spent thousands buying guns and bomb parts.The Sydney Morning Herald, relaying a UK Daily Telegraph article:
Prosecutors said its long-term goal was revolution; bringing down the US government and killing President Barack Obama. It is not known over what period of time this alleged plot would have taken place.
They were said to have planned to blow up a dam and poison apple crops in Washington state, bomb a park in Savannah, Georgia, attack vehicles belonging to Department of Homeland Security employees, and take over an ammunition control point at the sprawling Fort Stewart army base in Georgia.
This rather disgusting news comes on top of recent information regarding a Texas judge talking about a civil war and killing the President if he wins re-election. Apparently someone’s forgotten that the last civil war, with a fraction of the current US population, produced nearly three quarters of a million dead. That’s about three times more deaths than every other US war combined. It devastated a quarter of the nation, and maimed many more people.
This is absolute insanity, incarnate. Doesn’t America have enough problems without a civil war? “Giving government back to the people”, you may be totally unsurprised to learn, will get 601 million hits on a Google search. Most of those hits on the top pages are related to a standard phrase in use by both sides of American politics.
The phrase wound up as the working principle for FEAR. The group itself may be a small group, but look where it’s based. Right in the middle of the US military. Reassuring, isn’t it? America could be the next Syria, at this rate.
The politics of insanity
The trouble is that this mentality and these types of actions are the natural results of bipolar politics. The frenzied hatreds of US politics are usually rhetorical, verbose and eminently forgettable, but every so often someone decides to take them further. Hate crimes in the US have been continuous for the 16 years that I’ve been watching them on Hate Watch. Racism and anti-Latino sentiments are never very far away from the headlines. There are so many stress fractures in the society, and politicians insist on making them worse.
There are no real rationales. Reason and logic aren’t involved. It’s a process of deliberate and collateral damage-type mutual antagonism, rarely relieved by any positives. It’s also an industry, in which supporting a political party is a business move. Money pays for the hate. Hate provides the political clout. It’s a very primitive, ugly process.
What, you may ask, is the big profit motive for a civil war, since there aren’t any rational motives? The short answer is power and greed. The Confederacy, in fact, created a group of semi-autonomous states with secessionists in charge. These guys lived very well while the rest of the South starved, and nearly drove Jefferson Davis mad with their states’ rights demands.
The current configuration of US states, for those to whom all those days in high school were so much wasted time, was an arbitrary formalization of districts, organizing them into governable forms. The original US culture wasn’t state-based. The original 13 colonies were very different from each other, but by the time of Independence had a common culture.
The creation of the states inevitably created political interests based on local economies. The United States became the Divided States based on some very mundane basic points. Slavery, for example, was a local economic factor in the South. Secession was based as much on protecting financial interests as anything else. There was genuine ideological antipathy between abolitionists and secessionists on other issues, but the bottom line, as always, was money.
Interesting how money creates ideologies faster than ideologies create money, isn’t it?
The “anarchist” approach is quite interesting in context with the US in particular. To this day, since anarchism decided to become more than a descriptor, there has never been a successful anarchist community, let alone state. Give power back to the people to do what? Elect another government? Not elect another government? Grow roses? Grow barnacles? If I wanted to go on holiday, I’d become an anarchist. No intellectual challenges, no problems to solve, everything’s about government.
The fact that “Giving government back to the people” is being used by anarchists, (who by definition don’t believe in any sort of government), is an indictment of language teaching in US schools, if nothing else. Either they don’t know what anarchism is or the reporters or the courts don’t know what it is.
The problem is that if anyone takes this “civil war” talk too seriously, that’s exactly what’s going to happen- Anarchy. Civil wars, wherever they happen, are the most hideous of all wars. They’re the cruellest, the most bloodthirsty, and the most destructive. Imagine two sides of a US civil war using nukes and the other big weapons on each other. Tens of millions would die. Imagine the armed thugs coming out of their social orifices.
Anyone advocating a civil war in the US is basically advocating committing an act of war against the American people. This is worse than treason. It’s a recipe for annihilation. It’s a crime against humanity even in theory, let alone fact.
So- Is anyone actually advocating a civil war? You’d think so, but in practice apart from a few Senators muttering about secession and every jerk and his gun being a hero for no obvious reason, not really.
The trouble is that when you put ideas like that into people’s heads, other people wind up dead. Ideas can kill, and the idea of a civil war, when it becomes operational, kills a lot of people. There’s no safety catch on this subject except not mentioning it.
I’d rather not think of the American people as 312 million moving targets, for some reason. The big advantage of voting is that while you may not like the results, a lot fewer people get killed. Better a democracy, even a constipated democracy, than a mass murdering monster which can’t be controlled.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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