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article imageBelgian pedophile accomplice released from jail early

By Layne Weiss     Aug 28, 2012 in Crime
Brussels - Michelle Martin, ex-wife of pedophile and child killer Marc Dutroux has been released from prison and sent to a convent. Michelle served 16 years of her 30 year sentence.
According to The Associated Press, the court's decision has outraged Belgians who consider Michelle Martin to be one of the most heinous criminals in the country's history.
"Shame on the sisters," a poster outside the convent said, referring to to the nuns willing to accept Martin into their convent, The Washington Times reports.
The convent where Martin will be staying is also near a school, which scares many parents nearby, The Associated Press reports.
A court in Brussels rejected two appeals against the ruling, BBC News reports.
Martin allowed two 8 year old girls to starve to death in a cellar, and helped her now ex-husband Marc Dutroux abduct and abuse a number of other girls.
The 8 year old girls were left in a dungeon while Marc Dutroux was serving time in jail for a non-related offense.
"This is simply absurd, but I will have to accept it," Paul Marchall, whose daughter An was one of Dutroux and Martins' victims, told The Associated Press. "Concerning Martin, my fight is over and done. I lost."
According to The Washington Times, Martin has tried to make it clear that it was Dutroux who was the evil one. She, however, is still despised for being so passive as he committed such horrific acts against these girls. She is especially loathed for letting two girls starve to death while Dutroux was in jail.
The Associated Press reports that Martin claims to have been to scared to go down to the dungeon and feed the girls.
Marc Dutroux is serving a life sentence for kidnapping and raping six girls ranging from ages 8 to 19. Along with the 8-year old girls who starved to death in his dungeon, he also killed two others, BBC News reports.
He was arrested in 1996. A few days after his arrest, police found two living kidnapped victims alive in his basement.
Both Dutroux and Martin were also jailed in the 80s for raping five young girls, BBC News reports, but were released on good behavior.
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