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Op-Ed: Pregnant teen thought pregnancy ‘would go away’

By Paul Wallis     Aug 27, 2012 in Health
Sydney - A coroner’s inquest in Sydney has heard that a pregnant teen allegedly did everything wrong prior to the death of her newborn daughter. She apparently went into denial and kept it up right up to going into actual labor. The result was fatal.
The Sydney Morning Herald:
A young mother hid her dead baby girl in a plastic bag in her car and did not tell her parents or friends she was pregnant because she thought the pregnancy would "go away on its own", a court has heard.
She first went to the doctor, getting antibiotics for “food poisoning” without giving the doctor any indication she was experiencing morning sickness or otherwise letting on she was pregnant. She then denied that she was pregnant when her mother asked after realising she was pregnant.
The inevitable debacle was dramatic, grim and very sad. Her waters broke at the end of the term. She did nothing about it and went to work the following day, when labor commenced. Going home, she lay on the garage floor to try to ease the pain, then went to the toilet, where she had her baby and blacked out.
The baby, however, drowned in the toilet. The coroner’s information shows that the baby did in fact breathe at least once. The young mother, obviously very confused, cut the umbilical cord herself and put the baby in her car. Later she put the baby in a plastic bag in the boot, which is where her parents discovered it.
Morals, anyone?
What this kid should have done is obvious. The real issue is why she didn’t. Having a baby isn’t a crime. It’s tough enough giving birth, surely, without a denial process as well. Obviously this girl had attached some sort of terrible moral/social stigma and embarrassment to childbirth. Maybe she didn’t want her parents to know she was having sex. Maybe she wasn’t comfortable with the likely reactions to her pregnancy. Even her friends were left out of the loop. She tried to hide something which it’s impossible to hide, and persisted with the lie to the very bitter end.
If you’re seeing a few possible “moral” reasons for her behaviour, consider the morality which condemns people on principle simply for being human and doing what human beings do. Morality has just killed yet another “illegal” baby and probably wrecked this kid’s life. I can see a good case for abolishing morals and replacing them with something unfashionable but useful- Honesty. It might just work.
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