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Op-Ed: ESPN's Paul Lukas' NHL jersey rankings proves 'to each his own'

By Marcus Hondro     Aug 24, 2012 in Sports
Paul Lukas published a ranking of all 30 NHL team uniforms Friday and one thing it shows is that we all have different tastes. He's got the Dallas Stars effective design in 29th, the New York Rangers boring square-thing in 3rd and the Leafs only in 6th.
Look, I recognize this isn't of great import in the scheme of things but come on, the Maple Leafs' maple leaf only in 6th? Behind a square-thing? Behind the Boston Bruins' (2nd!) wheel with spokes? What does a wheel with spokes have to do with a bear, which, I do believe, a bruin is? Shouldn't the design have something to do with the team name? Or the city or the fans or something? And hey, yeah, the Leafs kinda suck but you can't diss one of the greatest things about them.
Obviously ESPN's Mr. Lukas is a guy who likes the classic six-team NHL as 5 of the top 6 unis he picks are from that era, the only post-1967 logo to make the top six is the Philadelphia Flyers logo (5th). The Montreal Canadiens is tops, no argument there, and after Boston (should be the Leafs in 2nd!) and the Rangers, it's Detroit (yeah, classic), the Flyers and then the Leafs. The Chicago Blackhawks logo is ranked in the number 11 spot.
Vancouver Canucks logo ranked 17th
Lukas makes other choices I question, for example I figure the Vancouver Canucks found a pretty skookum logo, the orca in a 'C', over a decade ago; it's very evocative of the West Coast and warrants a higher placing than 17th. Two spots ahead is a logo that for me is one of the worst of all, the Florida Panthers odd looking panther that seems somehow to be missing something.
Other lousy choices? The Calgary Flames burning 'C' should be higher than 19th and the Tampa Bay Lightning's boring logo, a bolt in a circle with 'Tampa Bay' above it, should be lower than 20th. And that pizza pie of the Carolina Hurricanes in 21st? The Canes logo is hardly a better one than the St. Louis Blues (25th) or the Stars or the Colorado Avalanche in 30th and last. In fact I'd stick Carolina in last spot.
Naturally, you'll judge for yourself so here's the list.
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