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article imageOp-Ed: The bad, the mad, and the sexually perverted

By Alexander Baron     Aug 24, 2012 in Crime
Oslo - As Anders Breivik is convicted of mass murder in Oslo, a man who butchered six people on the holiday island of Jersey is cleared of murder, and two men are arrested in Manchester on suspicion of sodomising a 14 year old boy.
Last year when Christopher Gribble was sentenced to life imprisonment by a New Hampshire judge, she told him infinity was not enough time for the crimes he had committed. Gribble and his partner-in-crime Steven Spader invaded a woman's home, hacked her to death with a knife and machette, and left her daughter for dead. Anders Behring Breivik murdered not one but seventy-seven people, and apologised for not killing more, yet his sentence is 21 years in a comfortable multiple cell with a 10 year minimum.
It is though inconceivable that Breivik will ever be released, not even the ultra-liberal Scandinavians could tolerate that, surely? The same cannot though be said for the man who yesterday was cleared of murdering six people, because Damian Rzeszowski, whose trial opened August 13, was convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility - a legal fiction. His victims included his wife, and his own young son and daughter. He will be sentenced in October, when he could receive a life sentence for each victim.
His defence - such as it was - was that he heard voices, although he claimed also to have no memory of the killings. The simple fact is that we all hear voices; people tell many of us to do unpleasant things all the time. Some people even incite others to commit murder, yet we all have free will. The claim that a voice in my head told me to do it, is weak indeed.
The two degenerates who abducted and sodomised a 14 year old boy in Manchester nearly three months ago are unlikely to run that defence. Greater Manchester Police released CCTV images of these predators only this week, but four arrests have been made since, including two yesterday, Friday. Hopefully two of them are the men responsible and can be prosecuted successfully and locked away for a long time, though sadly not for infinity.
The two men sought by Greater Manchester Police in connection with the rape of a teenage boy in a de...
The two men sought by Greater Manchester Police in connection with the rape of a teenage boy in a department store. Now identified and convicted, they are Alex Wilson-Fletcher (with the glasses) and Abdelkader El-Janabi.
Greater Manchester Police
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