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article imageOp-Ed: Crime and crime prevention in London

By Alexander Baron     Aug 24, 2012 in Crime
London - As Asil Nadir begins a ten year sentence for stealing millions, the Metropolitan Police are taking action to prevent crime by London's petty crooks.
As reported here Wednesday, Asil Nadir was convicted at the Central Criminal Court of serious fraud offences. Clive Stafford Smith is fond of saying that capital punishment means those without the capital get the punishment. Like his wealthy client Krishna Maharaj, Nadir is a welcome exception to that rule, and yesterday he was given a ten year sentence by Mr Justice Holroyde who told him the self-evident truth that he was a wealthy man who had stolen out of greed.
Although Nadir was convicted of stealing £29 million, he is believed to have siphoned off much more.
Someone who stole considerably less is Alexander Elliot-Joahill, who has been convicted of his role in last year's shameful public disorders. He admitted possessing an offensive weapon, violent disorder, robbery at a fried chicken shop and burglary at an antiques business. Sounds like he was a busy lad, but that's because he had a chauffeusse, poor little rich girl Laura Johnson. Remember her? She's the millionaire's daughter who fell in with a bad crowd, or was she intimidated, or threatened? She seemed though to be having fun when she was brought to book.
Elliot-Joahill is facing a potentially heavier sentence than his accomplice, and rightly so, because among other things he threw what has been described as a brick at a policewoman hitting her in the head. What excuse or mitigation can there be for that?
There can't be many more rioters and looters left to deal with; let us hope we never see this sort of disgusting behaviour in Britain again.
Police in Hounslow have made an arrest in connection with apparently random and motiveless knife attacks on two young women as reported here earlier this week. He was arrested by a policewoman at a Hounslow train station late at night.
Finally, prevention is generally better than cure, and this appears to be why the police have applied for and been granted anti-social behaviour orders against no less than 24 mostly small time criminals who have been preying on people in the West End of London.
The dirty two dozen in question are said to have been responsible for no less than 1,433 crimes between them. Breaking an ASBO is an offence in its own right, so if any of these professional crooks does stray into the West End on whatever pretext, he or she can be simply whisked off to gaol.
Seven of the two dozen offenders the Metropolitan Police have successfully obtained anti-social beha...
Seven of the two dozen offenders the Metropolitan Police have successfully obtained anti-social behaviour orders against to prevent them from entering the West End.
Metropolitan Police
Having said that, this may be a workable long term solution for the West End, but ultimately it will simply move the problem elsewhere. Look at their faces, not the most intelligent shower, are they? Even people this low down the food chain need some sort of income, and as no employer in his right mind would pay any of them a living wage, ultimately another solution must be found. For them, and for millions of others.
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