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article imageWoman blames fake twin for robbery

By Melissa Horrocks     Aug 22, 2012 in Crime
Pennsylvania Furnace - A 31 year old woman claimed that she had a twin sister, just so that she could get away with stealing items from a hotel room. When found by the police in another hotel, Ms Brown insisted that it was her twin sister who had stolen the items.
When police checked, they discovered that no twin sister existed. Jennifer Brown from Rochester, Pennsylvania, was arrested on theft and false reports.
State police say that the total Ms Brown stole came to $206 and was taken from the Holiday Inn, in Big Beaver, on August 5th.
Police found the items in the other hotel, where they also discovered Ms Brown. Ms Brown's family confirm that she has no twin. Ms Brown also has no attorney according to
The former Daugherty Township woman took many non-complimentary items which she claimed that her fake, twin sister took. She used a check book to rent the room at the Holiday Inn, 7195 Eastwood Road, on Aug. 5 and checked out at 10:03 p.m. Brown was hoping that she would be let off the crime, if the police believed she had a twin sister. However, someone should teach Brown that the police are not that gullible.
Trooper Joshua Thomas, reported Brown, whose last recognized address was 364 Route 68. When employees entered the hotel room, in the morning, they found the following items missing; two comforters, two throw blankets, four pillows, an alarm clock, a coffeepot, a basket and a hair dryer, valued at a total of $206.
According to Cleveland CBS, Brown was found at the nearby Alpine Inn, enjoying her success. However, when questioned about the theft, she declared that it was her twin sister who actually stole the items. When asked about her twin sister, Brown lied and said she was called, Lisa Brown. When Thomas came back to Brown about her sister, she said that she'd contacted her and was on her way back to return the items.
Thomas accompanied Jennifer Brown back to the Alpine Inn so he could examine her room for the items, which she denied were there. However, once entering the room, Thomas discovered the possessions in a clear garbage bag behind the door. Thomas was told yet, another lie. Apparently, Jennifer's sister must have brought back the items, whilst she was talking with Thomas. Thomas sensed that something was not right and told Jennifer that they were not talking long enough for her sister to have brought the items back to the room.
The items were returned to the Holiday Inn, and Thomas filed theft and making false claims, she was charged on Friday. Thomas confirmed with Janice Hortung, Brown's aunt, that lives at the address listed for Brown, that Brown does not have a twin, according to Times Online.
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