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article imageASALA says it will attack Turkey if Turkey intervenes in Syria

By Paul Iddon     Aug 21, 2012 in World
The Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia, a terrorist organization that has been inactive for quite some time has today told Turkey that it would launch attacks if Turkey were to take military action against Syria.
A short report from the Turkish Hurriyet Daily News quoted the Armenian terrorist organization as saying it would attack Turkey if it was to violate the "security" of Syria's Armenia community.
The organization -- which has been relatively inactive and largely disbanded since the 1980's -- said in its statement that it would launch "counter measures," against Turkey if Turkey continued with what it dubbed a "conspiratorial and hostile policy," with regard to its southern neighbour.
Similarly, the news site Trend also quoted the ASALA statement as outlining that, "Any military adventurism or any direct or indirect violation of the security and the social cohesion of the Armenian community of Syria on the part of Turkey will be met by similar counter measures."
The ASALA also claimed that Turkey has become a "threat" to the regions stability. It elaborated on this statement by stating that, "The aggressive policy against Iraq's integrity, the direct military intervention in the bloody crisis in Syria, the continuation for more than 20 years of blockade imposed on Armenia, the conspiratorial and double-faced policy towards Iran, the non-stopping threats against the territorial integrity of Greece and Cyprus and the augmenting coercive measures against the Kurdish people have transformed Turkey into a center of danger for the stability of the region. The conspiratorial and hostile policy of the Turkish state against the neighbouring countries reached its peak and has led Turkey in a total isolation in the whole region."
Some 60,000 Armenians live in Syria. About 2,000 of them have left Syria and went to Armenia to escape the war-ravaged Syrian state.
The ASALA also expressed in its statement "our solidarity to all the peoples of the area and we declare that the Arab people will decide its destiny and shape its future all alone without the crocodilian tears and hypocritical care of the Turkish ruling circles."
Turkey had in the past been an ally of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Damascus, however now it is one of the most focal critics of the Syrian regimes crackdown and has supported and hosted the opposition Free Syrian Army which is striving to topple the Assad regime.
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