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article imageNew York brothers create ads on toilet paper

By Dierdra Baptiste     Aug 21, 2012 in Business
Look before you wipe! That’s exactly what two young brothers, Jordan and Bryan Silverman, are hoping you will do. The entrepreneurs, 22 and 18-years-old, respectively, began a start-up that allows advertisers to place ads on their rolls of toilet paper.
Star Toilet paper as they call it. Anything from company logos to deals can be placed in a square of tissue.
The start-up was launched in 2010 and continues to grow despite the younger brother’s initial response, "I really did think Jordan was a little crazy at first," Bryan said. "But I love working with him."
With the ability to select the locations of where the toilet paper will be available and a minimum order cost of $99 for 20,000 ads, or about half a cent per ad, it’s a win/win for advertisers.
The ads feature coupon codes that consumers can redeem on Star Toilet's website,
How did it all come about? The inspiration came to Jordan while on a toilet at a University of Michigan library.
Jordan told USA Today, "Advertising is about having people read about your product and this seemed the ideal place to do so.”
Public restrooms at restaurants, offices, stadiums and other venues will receive free toilet paper from the company. This provides a savings for these businesses in exchange for providing Star Toilet Paper's advertisers with a buying audience.
Star Toilet Paper was recently named one of five finalists for Entrepreneur magazine's College Entrepreneur of 2012 contest. The entry that clinched the finalist spot:
Star Toilet Paper is a niche advertising company that prints advertisements and coupons on toilet paper.
Our company utilizes a two-ply process. The first is as a supplier; we provide public bathrooms with patented, printed toilet paper for absolutely no cost. All of our toilet paper is printed using soybean-based ink and made from 100% recycled materials, ensuring comfort and safety for the user. We are able to supply free toilet paper by using the revenue we bring in from the second ply of our company, obtaining advertisers. The benefit for advertisers is that we charge just half a cent per ad in front of an unmatched, captured audience.
Our product placement gives consumers something to read in the bathroom and coupons at their fingertips. They are able to use QR codes and coupon codes to redeem coupons and share them online via social media. By utilizing online redemption, we combine the benefits of print advertising (reaching captured audiences) and online advertising (measuring CTR, downloads, and ROI) in one product.
The average advertisement is seen for between two and five seconds, while the unique nature of our product causes it to be seen for between one and ten minutes!
Star Toilet Paper’s website notes that over 75 percent of people they asked said they would read ads on toilet paper.
The tag line: "Don't rush. Look before you flush."
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