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article imageStartUp Spotlight — Enjoy Kamcord's mobile game bragging rights

By Eleanor Wall     Aug 21, 2012 in Technology
What do you get when you combine three MIT Computer Science grads and projected explosive growth in the mobile gaming industry? The answer is Kamcord, the hot Y Combinator backed startup out of Sunnyvale, CA.
Presenting today at Y Combinator Demo Day, Kamcord is the innovative creation of Kevin Wang, Aditya Rathnam, and Matt Zitzmann. These MIT grads and former Google interns have tapped into an industry set to grow to $82 billion by 2017, up from $67 billion in 2012 (DFC Intelligence Market Research). Pouring every waking hour into their startup (they are now roommates, after Kevin relocated from Chicago to join Matt and Adi in the Bay area), the team used Google Hangouts to brainstorm their way into one of the hottest tech industries around. Kamcord allows mobile game users to seamlessly video capture their gaming achievements and socially share those masterful moments on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for all to see.
Currently supporting the Cocos2d game engine, Kamcord plans are to have a prototype for the Unity3D game engine available within the next few months. With a Unity plugin built, game developers will then be able to integrate Kamcord into tens of thousands of games. The real challenge for Kamcord potentially lies in whether they are able to scale fast enough to tap into the massive Android market. With smartphone popularity showing no signs of slowing down, the Kamcord team has their work cut out for them as they strive to grow their startup.
Kamcord has definitely piqued the interest of the investment community. With previous investors the likes of Y Combinator partner and Posterous co-founder Garry Tan, Y Combinator partner and Auctomatic co-founder Harj Taggar, and Appjet/Etherpad founder Aaron Iba, the Kamcord team has a solid foundation of savvy investors and advisers behind them. It is no wonder that Yahoo's Marissa Mayer and Venture Hack's Naval Ravikant have taken to following the growth of Kamcord. By integrating Kamcord into their mobile games, developers have a built-in ability to stand out in the crowded mobile gaming space. Combined with the social sharing functions, the ability of Kamcord to appeal to both developers and gamers has struck a chord with the investment and tech startup community.
While bragging rights are easy when gamers enjoy Kamcord enabled games like Count to a Billion or Arcade Jumper, the proof will be in the pudding as to whether Kamcord can grow fast enough to stay on pace with mobile gaming growth. Their lack of an Android plugin at this point could potentially be their Achilles heel. With the backing of their current investors and mentors, even the Android challenge does not appear to be too big of an obstacle to overcome. Kamcord enabled mobile games could eventually become the go to way for gaming enthusiasts to discover new games. The ability for gamers to one-up each on the bragging rights scale is a sure-fire way for game developers to build their brand. Gaming enthusiasts are even able to enter to win an iPad courtesy of Kamcord by uploading their Kamcord gaming videos to YouTube. Keep an eye on Kamcord; this one could potentially be huge.
Gaming enthusiasts can enter to win an iPad with Kamcord s current iPad contest.
Gaming enthusiasts can enter to win an iPad with Kamcord's current iPad contest.
Image Courtesy of Kamcord
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