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article imageVideo: Watch racist black woman rant against whites on London bus

By JohnThomas Didymus     Aug 21, 2012 in World
London - A black woman subjected passengers on a London bus to a foul-mouthed and venomous diatribe against "whites." A two-and-a-half minute video posted to YouTube shows the woman telling how much she "hates white people" who "want to be f*****g black."
The Daily Mail reports police say they are investigating the two-part video uploaded to YouTube on August 17. It is uncertain when or where the footage was captured, but it is the latest in a series of shocking videos showing a woman indulging in violently racist rant on London public transport.
The video shows the black woman, whose name and identity is unknown, on a crowded bus. She is dressed in a black leather jacket and T-shirt. She shouts on top of her voice: "I'm so glad. I'm born black and I'll die black. I was born African and I'll f****** die African. The only reason I was born in this country is because you f****** people brought my people here. My parents are f****** African, born in Jamaica. And I’m f****** African, born in England and I can’t stand you white people, I tell you."
She rages: "I don’t care what none of you lot got to say because at the end of the day if you lot would have had a choice you will f****** go with your people and I’ll go with mine. The whole lot of you are programmed, f****** puppets. Not this one, I’m black and proud."
She checks her phone and holds it to her ears while ranting about "f****** doughnuts and puppets on the bus," and how proud she is to be black.
She continues: 'They (whites) all want to be f***ing black, they all put fat in their lips and their bottoms and sit down on the sun bed to be black." She screams for confirmation of her statement, saying: "Am I lying, am I lying?" Finally, she answers her own question, saying: "No I ain't f****** lying."
She continues her demented ranting while passengers, black, white and yellow alike look on in bemused astonishment. She now directs her rage on the Queen of England, commenting on the her Diamond Jubilee. She says, "the same f****** diamond she (the Queen) has in her head, my people suffered for that... Free speech. I hate white people. I can’t stand none of you."
Racist black woman on London bus
Racist black woman on London bus
Then she turns to the camera: "Strictly black, the more black the happier I am." But it is really doubtful from her demeanor that she is really happy being black.
Finally, in part 2 of the video (see above), an evidently embarrassed black man confronts her, saying, after a prolonged shouting match, “God created colour! He created black, blue, purple, everyone.”
The passengers applaud.
The video follows a similar incident involving Jacqueline Woodhouse, 42, of Romford, Essex, who, Digital Journal reports, abused Asian passengers on London Tube train. She pleaded guilty to a one count of racially aggravated harassment and was jailed 21 weeks.
According to the Daily Mail, the Metropolitan Police say their attention has been brought to the video and that they are investigating it.
Unfortunately, most white viewers have reacted to the black woman's demented display of xenophobic hatred by indulging in a display of theirs. Most commenters appear more concerned with predicting that the woman's racist rant will be condoned because she is black even though police have hardly commenced investigation of the video. Thus, most of the comments on YouTube are superficial and flavored with the same xenophobic attitudes being condemned in the woman's bizarre display on video.
YouTube user MattyMMW, for instance, says: "Wait a minute, I though only white people were racist?"
A second viewer Hbirdman1994, comments: "If she was White this would be much bigger. Black people are just as racist."
Another commenter IKyZeh, says: "F**k off back to Africa then."
Cabadejo digresses with a lengthy diatribe on Nigerian nursing students: I don't have problems with Nigerian nursing students as long s they are in Nigeria. Seems far enough. But you (supporters of diversity) will only be happy when nursing students in all White countries and only White countries are non-Whites."
Yet another viewer, Bollox679, in the spirit of comparing reactions to white and black racist rants, says. "Whey then the two Women who got imprisoned for HATE speech are STILL ON JTUBE?"
West Londoner also joins the unfortunate reaction to this video that tries to counter the opponent's xenophobia with a display of yours. The website only sees in the video an opportunity to launch attack on a black activist opponent Lee Jasper, "a former race advisor to ex-London mayor Ken Livingstone." According to the West Londoner, Jasper reacted to the video, saying, “She is an angry black woman, black people in the UK cannot be racist.”
However, some more perceptive viewers have questioned the woman's sanity. She looks deranged and as the caption to part 2 of the video notes, "delirious." It is doubtful that "whites" are the only people she hates. At the beginning of the video, she appears to be ranting against Freemasons before suddenly veering off to "whites." At a point, she is literally foaming in the mouth as she speaks. A YouTube user comments: "She looks like a heroin addict..."
IB Times notes that the woman whose identity is unknown will likely face prosecution.
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