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article imageToronto body parts case likely to be from same victim Special

By KJ Mullins     Aug 20, 2012 in Crime
Toronto - Body parts found in opposite sides of Toronto are thought to be from the same person police say. Both Peel Regional and Toronto Police are working on the case with remains found in Mississauga and Scarborough.
On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday body parts were found in Mississauga after a hiker found a severed foot. Peel Police found a severed head, a foot and two hands. This weekend Toronto Police discovered more body parts, including a find by a Toronto Star reporter.
Today Peel Police confirmed that the body parts are human and likely to be from one female victim. One clue to her identity is that she had yellow on the toe nails, which has been confirmed by Peel Police.
Constable Erin Cooper, Media Relations with Peel Regional Police, said during a phone interview that the police are involved in a very detailed investigation working with liaisons from Toronto Police and other local services. The body parts were found in areas where there were no surveillance cameras. Peel Police is saying that it is very likely that the body parts are all from the same victim. Cooper would not confirm which body parts have yet to be found.
Peel Regional Sgt Pete Brandwood said during a phone interview that by the nature of the body parts and the environment, it appears that the victim's remains had not been in the areas where they were found for that long of a period. Decomposition during warm months is a very quick process, because of decomposition a positive identification of the head or other body parts has yet to be made. It is unclear at this stage of the investigation as to the age or racial background of the victim.
Brandwood confirmed that the body parts were found quite some distance from each other. At this stage it is not known if the body parts were dropped at the locations that they were discovered or if they were carried to their resting places by the river. One of the hands was located close to the severed foot located in Peel while the other hand was located about 1 km away. Brandwood said that the body parts found in Peel and Scarborough could not have been dropped at the same time as there is no waterway connection between the two areas.
"We don't want the victim to be reduced to just body parts," Cooper said. While there has been no identity as to who the victim is Peel Police is looking at the local missing people pool from their area and from Toronto.
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