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article imageOp-Ed: Brandon Raub — victim of 9/11 'Truth'

By Alexander Baron     Aug 20, 2012 in Crime
Chesterfield - The recently arrested Brandon J. Raub is being portrayed as a victim of a government conspiracy. He is indeed a victim, but of an entirely different conspiracy.
This case was reported here yesterday, August 20, by which time it all over the alternative media. [This article was filed 1am on August 21, London time]. Raub's mother spoke to one outlet to which she claimed, undoubtedly truthfully, that an FBI agent had lied to her about her son's detention. There is obviously more to this story than meets the eye, but the giveaway is that he was not read his rights by the law enforcement officers who turned up en masse.
Mr Raub is a former marine, and is said to have been taken to a medical facility where he is being assessed for post traumatic stress disorder. Clearly this man was not arrested simply for posting anti-government comments to Facebook, in fact he wasn't arrested at all.
The rhetoric emerging from the alternative media at the moment is how dare they? Watch out bubba, they'll be coming for you next. They would though be making entirely different noises if this time next week a former marine armed to the teeth had walked into a government office and begun shooting and killing people at random.
Okay, Uncle Sam has probably over-reacted this time, but it is quite likely that someone tipped off the authorities about Brandon Raub, and they decided to err on the side of caution.
The 9/11 Truth Movement portrays itself as a loose knit organisation of loyal, patriotic Americans (and non-Americans) dispassionately seeking the truth about the tragic events of the day the world changed. The reality is somewhat different. Many of them have exhibited a disrespect for truth that puts the American or any government to shame. Having heard of Operation Northwoods and sundry false flags operations, real and imagined, and many of the anomalies of 9/11, they have set about building an alternative universe in which the atrocities of that fateful day were carried out not by 19 men armed with boxcutters but by a Machiavellian conspiracy which can include - but is not limited to - the Bush White House, the CIA, the FBI, the New York Fire Chief, the Mayor of the Big Apple, landlord Larry Silverstein, the US Airforce, the Mossad, and five dancing Israelis.
This would be bad enough, but anyone who challenges their nonsense can only be a government shill, and worse still, they have named many totally innocent individuals. The most extraordinary feature of the 9/11 Truth Movement is not that many of its proponents actually believe this fantasy, but that it has been allowed to proselytise these views unchallenged except by those who have torn the dogma to shred; their videos can likewise be found all over YouTube.
Of course, 9/11 Truthers are entitled to free speech, however ludicrous their ravings. Not everyone has that privilege. There are limits to free speech though, one is that no one has the right to shout fire in a crowded theatre. Earlier this month on this side of the Pond, Stuart Hazell was charged with the murder of 12 year old Tia Sharp, and appeared in court via a video link from a police station. The reason for that is not far to seek, this was a high profile murder case, and when the victim is a child, there is often a great show of public anger. Those of us who are old enough to remember the arrest of Moors Murderers will also remember how the crowds outside the court bayed for their blood.
Now imagine a named individual being accused of not one murder but complicity in thousands. Furthermore, that person is walking free, you see him now and again on TV, he smiles, laughs, at you personally it seems, or maybe he's gloating. How can he be so smug after what he has done? Somebody should teach him a lesson. Someone should make him pay. Someone should make them pay.
Although we don't yet know the full facts, it is clear that if Brandon Raub wasn't thinking like that, then someone thought he was thinking like that. Again, remember this guy was a marine, he had the training, access to weapons, and maybe he suffered psychological damage while serving his country, he is in short a man who is susceptible to pernicious lying propaganda, and who could be exploited by people who do not share his ideals. We have actually seen Al-Qaeda recruiting vulnerable people like this to carry out their evil work. Remember too that the horror in Aurora happened less than a month ago.
In practice there is no way in the age of the Internet to stop the sort of pernicious lying engaged in by the 9/11 Truth Movement and other conspiracy mongers, indeed if you are a public figure in even the broadest sense of the word you have probably already been accused of being a sexual deviant, a government agent, a serial killer or even worse. When spurious allegations are made against named individuals in the mainstream press, they can do something about it, if they have deep pockets and the determination to seek redress. When more serious allegations are made against named individuals, the state itself can do something about it, as Robert Green found out in Scotland.
It it unlikely George Bush would ever bring criminal libel charges against anyone from 9/11 Truth because he now has far more blood on his hands than Mohamed Atta. Likewise it is unlikely Barack Obama will ever sue Larry Sinclair for defamation, but the mere fact that Michelle hasn't divorced him explains why he needn't bother.
There are though innocent people who could be put in danger by salacious, scandalous and at times criminal gossip, including almost anyone who works for the Federal Government, and in this connection one has only to mention the name Timothy McVeigh.
The 9/11 Truth Movement should can it; they are not making martyrs, but fools. The truth about 9/11 is grotesque enough as the cranks who lurk on and comment on this site attest. If they persist, it may not be simply George Bush who has innocent blood on his hands.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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