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article imageVideo: 'Girl's butt cam catches guys staring'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Aug 20, 2012 in Odd News
A model Reanin Johannink, had a "hunch" that men stare at her posterior when she walks in public. But she needed ego-boosting proof on video. She attached a hidden camera to her behind, took a walk on the streets of LA., and posted the video to YouTube.
The video capturing the world from her "ass" POV was posted on, and demonstrates conclusively what is already well known–that men just can't help gawking at attractive female posteriors. The reactions range from furtive glances to unabashedly brazen stares, mouth agape. The video may also have indicted some men out with their partners. A hilarious moment in the footage is when a man, who looks like Jesus, stops to check out the damsel's neat "booty. "
The Daily Mail reports that an online commenter points out that the apparently intense public interest in Johannink's posterior could be because people noticed the bulge of the hidden camera and were wondering whether she's got some growth in that part of her body. This is suggested by the fact that even women are caught staring. While riding an escalator, a woman takes more than a casual interest in Johannink's posterior.
Jesus checking out Johannink s posterior?
Jesus checking out Johannink's posterior?
Many male commenters are unimpressed with the video "evidence," of men ogling the model's behind. A commenter Ian, says: "Fast forward 20 years and 2 babies later, she'll be so pleased if anyone looks at her bottom."
Another male commenter, kelly, says: "I put a camera in my wallet and you should have seen all the women that were looking at that!"
Jackwaddle suggests that women who don't want to be stared at should "wear a Burkha."
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